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Seeking legal opinions and legal advice.?

OK let me start of by saying this is kind of long so PLEASE bare with me. so back in the beginning of the year I woke up 1 morning and my fan wasn't working as if it was off. I got out of bed to go look out side and check the rest of my power and what not then my fan came back on. When I checked outside an aep rep had just got done looking at a nearby transformer and told me and my neighbors to call if we had anymore problems. A few hours later half the power in my apartment building and a few other buildings went out. Come to find out a line had come off the transformer. After complaints aep truck to reattach the line. They did not examine this transformer nor try to determine the cause of the problems. Less than an hour later the transformer exploded and no more than 30 minutes later a business building 3 feet from my apartment had caught on fire. I live in my apartment with my fiance and our son who is now 4 and we were forced out of our home until 7:30 am the next morning. So all we could do all night was watch this building blaze not event 5 FEET from our home hoping and praying it didn't burn up our apartment and all of our belongings. For months after the fire I could hardly sleep for fear of being burned alive in my sleep. I was even afraid to sleep with my heat on though it was cold at the time because I have baseboard heaters and it was obviously an electrical fire. Continued below.....

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    An open Internet forum is not the place to ask for legal opinions and legal advice. For that you go to a lawyer. Most lawyers have a policy of the first meeting being free, they'll listen to your issue and decide whether to take the case or not.

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    Recently fire investigators have come back around asking questions about how many times aep came that day and what all they did and i've heard aep lied and said they only came here once. I believe that the fire is the result of a mistake on aep's part and I believe it can be proved. My question is if its proven that the fire was aep's fault do you think me and my family are entitled to compensation? I whole heartedly feel that fire could have been prevented and feel it was their fault and I want them to pay for that entire night we spent on the street and all the restless nights I had because of it all

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    You have no entitlement to compensation, because you suffered no damages. Maybe if you had gone to stay in a hotel when forced out, you cold get reimbursed, but otherwise, your place nor any of your property was damaged.

    The restless nights since are not their fault or problem. You are being unrealistically paranoid.

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    your "compensation" is the fact that nothing happened to your unit or the people living there..............unless you watched every second of what the repairman did, you don't even have any proof of "wrongdoing".........mistakes happen and equipment will be faulty; just be thankful that you & yours are OK

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