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So I have a student loan from 2009. My dad was the cosigner but he passed away in 2013. I heard that there s a death discharge available. Would I be able to apply that to the loan and get a discharge?

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  • 5 years ago
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    I'm sorry to hear that your dad passed. Unfortunately, if it's an actual student loan (not a Parent PLUS loan) then you are the one responsible for it. By 'cosigning' I wonder if you mean that your dad's information was on the FAFSA, or that he was denied for a parent loan which allowed the school to give you more student loans.

    Student loans aren't credit-based so nobody can actually cosign on one. Since you're the student, you're the one who has to pay back the money. If the loan in question is somehow a private loan from Navient and your dad was the cosigner, he's only cosigning if you don't pay. If your cosigner passes away, you're still the one who borrowed the loan and therefore still responsible.

    HOWEVER-- I'm just a financial aid adviser giving my most educated guess with the information you have provided. What you'll really want to do is contact Navient, let them know your situation, and find out your options.

    Do not avoid them--all they want to do is help you make payments so you don't have the IRS coming after you. You'll save yourself a lot of grief if you just give them a call and make a game plan (or, heck, get it forgiven if you actually are eligible).

  • nancy
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    5 years ago

    No. Federal student loan death discharge only applies to the primary borrower. If you died, then your heirs could apply for a discharge, but the death of a co-signer doesn't affect your obligation to pay. Because the original terms under which the loan was made have changed, the lender could potentially call the loan (demand immediate payment of the entire amount), but if you are paying regularly, then that would be extremely unusual.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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