I really wanna mess around with a girl, but I'm in love with my boyfriend?

I'm a bisexual girl and I'm in a long term relationship with the love of my life. I've kissed girls before, and I loved it. I've been craving the touch of another girl for longer than we've been dating and we've discussed it, but he shot it down, unless he gets to be involved (not just watching, he said he didn't want that). The thing is, I'm really in love with him and he pleases me and I love his touch and touching him, but I want a woman's touch.

What do I do? I can't leave him, it's not an option. Should I cheat or bring it back up?

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    5 years ago
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    Do you realize how wrong this is?

    Now, it's not the fact that you crave a WOMAN'S touch that is wrong. Please don't think that I'm some narrow minded religious freak who's going to sprout bible verses. However, I DO know about morals, and this is morally wrong. I'll explain what's morally wrong about the situation, and hopefully you will understand. What's wrong is that you crave the touch of a person who is not your beloved.

    When a person is in a relationship with a person they love, it is all or nothing. You take that person with a whole heart, not half a heart. You love them and them alone. You do not crave the touch of another. You do not stray, nor do you even CONSIDER straying. THAT is why I questin your morals. Not because you crave the touch of another WOMAN, but because you crave the touch of another PERSON.

    Which brings me to my next point. Do you love him? REALLY? Love is all or nothing. I know I sound like Marianne Dashwood here, but it's true! If you truly loved him, you would never, EVER consider cheating! Or perhaps you do love him, and you don't mean it. I would like to believe that you don't mean these words and it's just a moment of weakness. If that's the case, PUT THESE THOUGHTS FROM YOUR MIND AND THINK NO MORE ON THEM. Go to your sweetheart and let him be enough for you. It's selfish of you to want more than one person.

    However, there is the option of entering into a consensual three-person relationship. I'm totally against this and I'll tell you honestly, but it's an option. It's been done before. I think it's cruel of you to expect your sweetheart to share you, however, if you allow him to be involved as well, perhaps it won't be so bad for him. But you would have to be willing, all three of you, to share each other and love each other with a whole heart. The other girl would be both lover and sister to you. I've never heard of three person relationships where the women are lovers as well as the man and both the women, but I suppose it could work.

    I would, however, advise against the three person relationship suggestion, as it would more than likely cause conflict, unhappiness and stir jealousy. Just love your sweetheart as you claim to do.

  • Strand
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    5 years ago

    You can't claim to love him if you would even consider cheating on him. Stop pretending like you are helpless and just break up.

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