Is there any way to make amazon deliver a package on a certain day?

I am thinking of ordering something off of amazon, but don t want it to arrive on the days when I work late. Monday Wednesday, or Thursday. I live in a not very nice area and would worry about it getting stolen, I was wondering if there was any way to request for it to be delivered on a certain day?

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  • 5 years ago
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    here a suggestion have you heard about amazon locker program

    these are lockers placed in certain business

    where you can have amazon package age sent too

    many of these business are open 24 hours a day

    Locker -, Inc.

    Amazon Lockers are self-service delivery locations where customers can pick up and return packages. Lockers are available in urban location

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    5 years ago

    Its up to the carrier, not the seller. The seller is Amazon. The carrier is FED EX, US MAIL or UPS

    You could pay for priority shipping and have it delivered on a specific date or you could have it shipped to wherever you work.

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