what does the little rainbow ball twirl mean on macbook air?

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  • 4 years ago
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    It means the system is trying to complete a task. If it lasts for one or two seconds, it just means the task was complex, normal delay. If it lasts for five minutes, it means the task is not going to complete, so force-quit that app and check for causes, such as full drive, file system corruption, corrupt preferences file, incompatible version of app.

    The official name of this is "Spinning Wait Cursor". The older form was a wristwatch with hands that turned. Windows used an hourglass icon in those days as their delay indicator.

    It isn't 3-D, so it isn't a ball. It represents a drive platter turning. The rainbow colors is just a cool effect. It becomes less cool the longer you must view it.


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      wow, thanks so much. you really helped.

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