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I cannot register my emotions, among a few other things, how can I help myself? PLEASE READ THE REST?

Okay, so, please only answer this if you have the time to watch this:

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This is how I feel. All of the time. What the guy said, this is how I have felt for years and I don't understand. The only difference is that I cannot register when I am truly happy AT ALL.

I have no support system, I have no money to go to a therapist with. I don't know what to search up on Google so I can get help. I have tried 4 Cups of Tea and other websites to tell people on anon, I have done all of the things to motivate myself just like the guy in the video. What so I do? How can I help myself? I've tried, but as you can see in the video, I just end up struggling even more.

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    from the video he specifically spoke of a variation of CBT, ACT - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

    like him I found it quite good

    if youre unable to access any community sponsored programs you can purchase a workbook and work through the program yourself

    ideally you will find a counsellor to spend some time with or at the very least a community group to connect with

    if you google in your locale - community mental health - youth help - support groups - and so on, you should be able to find some people that will provide a network of support and direction

    as for you personally right now, its very important you determine to make changes in your life with a view to being well

    theres some very basic areas that both have real value but also provide value insomuch as you feel the rewards of "doing something"

    this is my standard mental health answer


    to my mind its about

    therapy - to identify issues and develop coping and processing skills .. can be done with aid of a decent book incorporating a variation on CBT if money is an issue

    diet - eliminate processed foods including sugars, caffeine and alcohol .. make it about fresh fruit and vege, lean meat and fish

    exercise - for physical and mental health and use/gain energy

    meditation - to develop control and time to reflect and calm

    activity - something to feel good about achieving and engage the mind and soul

    routine - especially good sleep for health and to have order in life

    friendships - healthy relationships are a critical part of engaging with the world and sharing experiences

    medication can be useful when its difficult to engage in the stuff above .. so it effectively offers breathing space sufficient to get on with the business of healing but is not a fix of itself (a mistake many people seem to make)

    its all doable friend - just needs the effort and belief from you

    good luck, good life


    issues like diet, routine, exercise and activity all provide structure, good health and something to feel good about


    for each person its different and just as the guy in vid says, he'll see how it goes

    make a start, see what works for you

    and know this

    people everywhere care about what youre going through and are only too willing to help you to get to where you deserve to be - most require no more than you being willing to try

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