Can you drive a freshwater boat (wakeboard boat) in salt water?

I have had the urge to buy a wakeboard boat recently to try to help with the soul crushing boredom of being 20 years old in northern Washington. I want a Malibu Wakesetter boat and id be primarily driving it on the Puget Sound between Bellingham and Friday Harbor and Orcas islands. Im not interested in sailboats and the lakes up here are so damn cold idk if I could stand to swim in them. Is there a reason I wouldnt be able to put this type of boat on saltwater? The water is like glass most of the time.

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    No reason why you cant, The biggest mistake people make when running any boat in salt water is not cleaning and flushing them when done playing for the day, Salt water is murder on metal parts, I live in the SF bay area, same deal. Generally when a boat is designed for salt water use it has brass or stainless screws/props, rudders and a contained engine cooling system, Meaning like your car , rather than a boat meant for fresh water which just uses lake water for cooling, Salt water is very corrosive, You seriously don't want that sitting in your engine for any length of time

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      Makes alot of sense. I'm starting to wonder if I should hold off on it for a year. I should be moving back to AZ or at least OR here in a year so freshwater will be at a better convenience to me there. Probably will just grab a kayak for now.

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  • 3 years ago

    Saltwater Wakeboard Boat

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  • 5 years ago

    Impressive that you have the $ for a boat at age 20...

    Yes, you can but the resale value goes way down... Salt water takes a toll on those boats. if you decide to do it, try to get one with fresh water cooling system.

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      Haha thanks I like to think the same way. Took alot of work my whole life. But yeah I think Im just going to hold off on it for now. Doesn't seem like the smartest investment at this time. probably just going to get a kayak for now. I would primarily be using it for whale watching anyway

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