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Maxx asked in EnvironmentGlobal Warming · 5 years ago

Do you generally believe Climate Alarmists when they try to blame every weather event, like hurricanes on so called man-made Global Warming?

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  • 5 years ago
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    No. Global Warming doesn't exist anyway we are just the end of a very soft ice age the planet is warming up slightly and its going to cool down again at the next ice age and those Climate Alarmists will blame us again for the global freeze.

  • Ussarn
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    5 years ago

    Most people really don't live that close to the climate on a daily basis so they really don't notice and don't care enough to really become educated on the matter.

    Really think about it what percentage of people depend on the rain at the right time or a fish migration at a certain time to make their livelihood.

    There is no doubt that human activities effect weather.To what degree that I suppose is yet to be seen.

  • ?
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    5 years ago

    I think they're all idiots(who need to get a life).

    The number one producer of methane gas responsible for "Greenhouse Gases" is COW FARTS. Yep. Steak tooters. Pass the A1 sauce!

    The Earth takes care of itself. It has done so for over 4 billion years without the help of humans. It goes through cycles and repairs (heals) itself when it needs to.

    Like the seasons, warming is followed by cooling (Ice Ages). There was no HUMAN industry burning fossil fuel to create the last "greenhouse gases" or the last "Ice Age".

    FYI: Scientists have discovered there are no fossils present in so-called "fossil fuel" even at the microscopic level. Fifty years ago they said there's only 43 years supply of oil left in the entire planet (the reason for constantly raise the price). Ten years ago they said there was only 40 years left. Eight years ago they found out the petroleum is a by product produced by the Earth. It produces more every day. We'll NEVER run out of oil or places to find it.

    I was born in 1954. When they started putting up nuclear power plants the Govt told everyone that the price of electricity would go down to pennies on the dollar. Yep, it never happened. It's all a dependency scam.

    Even an idiot knows if it gets cold in the north you go south until the weather changes again. That's the way nomadic tribes have lived for over 100,000 (and possibly 1 million) years.

    As for the last "Ice Age"...the next time you see a map of it you'll notice they ALWAYS show the North Pole region and not the South Pole region. Is it because when the north is frozen the south is thawed?

    I don't know...yet. ; ' )

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    The climates of this and every other planet that exists or has existed or will exist is and will forever be in a constant state of flux. The utter stupidity and arrogance of these so called hacks is unbelievable.

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  • 5 years ago

    I believe *scientists* when they say that global warming makes certain weather events, like stronger hurricanes, *more likely*.

    I do not trust your evaluation of who is and is not an "alarmist".

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Hurricane Patricia has been labelled by The Weather Channel (aka The Weather Underground) as the strongest hurricane "EVER in the history of the Planet". They left out the phrase "ever recorded" and they have even gotten that wrong. They've been pushing this "CLIMATE LUNACY" all day. I hope people understand the advertisement towards a BIG GOVERNMENT interjection here. I know Obama is a BIG supporter of the newly-owned Weather Channel by the transparent company called "The Weather Underground".

    The Weather Underground bought out John Coleman for specific reasons. I'm sure they have full Governmental support. It's a great marketing strategy, but I doubt that it will pan out for them.


    They'll probably use the El Nino, Hurricane Patricia, and the intense rain activity in Texas to form another "CONSENSUS". LOL!

  • 5 years ago

    Can't say I watch zippi62's weather channel, but I guess that a denier might claim that is a science site.

    Clearly not ever weather event is linked to climate change and it's hard not to notice that deniers (as usual) can't link such a claim to a real science site. Sciences point on this is that things like hurricanes are linked closely to sea surface temps and that we will see an increase in large hurricanes and the data shows that.

    But then deniers make many claims they can't support

    "Sea level isn't rising" yet the data shows it is

    "We are cooling" when the actual data show the last decade is the warmest in the modern record.

    "Glaciers aren't melting" denier even have a website that lists several hundred glaciers that have grown, the site fails to mention that this few hundred are picked from a number of glaciers that number in the several hundred thousand.

    That is the nature of denial.

    They also like to use the phrase alarmist, for everybody including scientists because the are scared of scientists, because deniers have no real answers to the hard science on AGW, given there is not one science group in the world that disputes AGW.

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  • 5 years ago

    It is the same as blaming someone getting the shingles for not taking Dr. Smith's snake oil.

  • 5 years ago

    No. Such people give real climate science a bad name. It just gives deniers ammunition to deny the true science, which DOES say there is man made warming, just without the doomsday hype.

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