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What would you name this family?

-- You choose which kids go to which family! --

-- No spelling changes --

-- Be sure to specify what the mom + stepmom maiden names are --

| Surname: Kentaboo, Hazel, Court, Ulrike, Wellesley

| Dad:

fn: Craig, Marcus, Jaceon, Damien

mn: Lane, Gabel, Evan, Ian

| Mom:

fn: Chelsea, Taryn, Cassie, Janie

mn: Livie, Melaney, Dakota, Moriah

| Step Dad:

fn: Jonathan, Edward, Adrian, Jackson

mn: Cal, Josh, Bryce, Isaac

| Step Mom:

fn: Elsie, Maryana, Cheyenne, Stasia

mn: Marnie, Ophelia, Gabrielle, Willow

| Daughter:

fn: Stephanie, Helen, Heather, Lydia

mn: June, Deleah, Sally, Katheryn

| Son:

fn: Christian, Charlie, August, Neil

mn: Timothy, Leon, Lewis, Hayden

| Daughter:

fn: Ambrose, Liz, Nellie, Juniper

mn: Esme, Genevieve, Ady, Josephine

| Daughter:

fn: Coraleine, Riley, Tenley, March

mn: Alice, Tilley, Kate, Lexa

| Daughter:

fn: Angelique, Cosette, Hollyn, Kaley

mn: Elsa, Claire, Colleen, Sophie

| Son:

fn: Lincoln, Silas, Abram, Seth

mn: Graham, Emmett, Elliot, Pete

| Daughter:

fn: Madeleine, Destiny, Sydney, Caryn

mn: Khadijah, Summer, Eliora, Ada

| Son:

fn: Beckett, Mac, Kai, Madden

mn: Gareth, Benjamin, Keith, Prince

| Son:

fn: Marsden, Colin, Wilson, Zac

mn: Griffin, Philip, Carlton, Joseph



| Marcus Lane Wellesley

| Elsie Gabrielle Court - Wellesley

| Chelsea Moriah Hazel - Wellesley - Ulrike

| Jackson Bryce Ulrike

| Daughter and Son to Marcus + Chelsea

- Lydia June Wellesley

- Neil Hayden Wellesley

| Daughters + Son to Marcus + Elsie

- Nellie Josephine Wellesley

- Hollyn Claire Wellesley

- Beckett Benjamin Wellesley

| Daughters + Sons to Chelsea + Jackson

- Riley Kate Ulrike

- Silas Elliot Ulrike

- Madeleine Eliora Ulrike

- Colin Joseph Ulrike

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  • EmCee
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    4 years ago
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    Marcus Gabel Court married Janie Moriah Ulrike

    They had 2 children:

    Lydia June Court

    August Leon Court

    They divorced.

    Marcus married Stasia Garielle Kentaboo

    Stasia had one child: Nellie Josephine

    Marcus and Stasia then had Coraleine Alice

    Janie remarried Jackson Bryce Hazel

    Jackson had two children: Hollyn Claire and Silas Graham

    Janie and Jackson then had Madeline Eliora , Beckett Gareth, and Colin Griffin

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  • 4 years ago

    Marcus Evan Wellesley

    Janie Moriah Wellesley

    Jonathan Isaac Court

    Elsie Gabrielle Ulrike

    Stephanie Katheryn

    Christian Lewis

    Juniper Esme

    Riley Alice

    Kaley Sophie

    Lincoln Emmett

    Sydney Ada

    Madden Benjamin

    Colin Philip

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  • 4 years ago

    Hazel Family

    Marcus Evan Kentaboo

    Taryn Dakota Hazel

    Adrian Bryce Hazel

    Elsie Ophelia Court

    Helen June Kentaboo

    August Leon Hazel

    Nellie Josephine Hazel

    Coraleine Alice Hazel

    Hollyn Claire Court

    Silas Emmet Court

    Madeleine Ada Court

    Beckett Gareth Court

    Colin Philip Court

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  • 4 years ago


    Marcus Evan

    Chelsea Dakota

    Stephanie Katheryn

    Christian Timothy

    Liz Genevieve

    Colin Joseph


    Jackson Bryce

    Elsie Gabrielle

    Riley Kate

    Kaley Elsa

    Seth Elliot

    Caryn Summer

    Beckett Benjamin

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  • Paula
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Marcus Evan Court

    Chelsea Dakota Court, maiden name Hazel

    Adrian Bryce Wellesley

    Cheyenne Gabrielle Court, maiden name Ulrike

    Lydia Katheryn

    Christian Hayden

    Liz Josephine

    Riley Kate

    Kaley Claire

    Seth Graham

    Sydney Summer

    Kai Benjamin

    Colin Griffin

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  • 4 years ago

    Damien Evan Hazel

    Taryn Livie Hazel

    Lydia Katheryn Hazel

    Christian Hayden Hazel

    Nellie Josephine Hazel

    Coraleine Lexa Hazel

    Angelique Sophie Hazel

    Seth Pete Hazel

    Destiny Ada Hazel

    Kai Prince Hazel

    Marsden Griffin Hazel

    Adrian Isaac Court

    Stasia Ophelia Court

    Stephanie June Court

    Charlie Timothy Court

    Liz Esme Court

    Riley Kate Court

    Cosette Claire Court

    Silas Elliot Court

    Sydney Summer Court

    Beckett Benjamin Court

    Zac Joseph Court

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  • Annika
    Lv 5
    4 years ago

    Marcus Evan Hazel

    Janie Moriah Hazel

    Jonathan Bryce

    Maryana Ophelia

    Lydia June Hazel

    Charlie Leon Hazel

    Nellie Josephine Hazel

    Coraleine Alice Hazel

    Hollyn Sophie Hazel

    Lincoln Pete Hazel

    Sydney Eliora Hazel

    Kai Benjamin Hazel

    Colin Joseph Hazel

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  • Kaley
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Marcus Evan Ulrike + Elsie Willow Kentaboo-Ulrike

    Chelsea Dakota Wellesley-Court + Jackson Isaac Court

    Marcus and Chelsea:

    Lydia Katheryn Ulrike (20)

    August Leon Ulrike (17) *Nellie's twin*

    Nellie Genevieve Ulrike (17) *August's twin*

    Marcus and Elsie:

    Riley Lexa Ulrike (15)

    Kaley Elsa Ulrike (13)

    Chelsea and Jackson:

    Lincoln Elliot Court (14)

    Sydney Eliora Court (10)

    Beckett Keith Court (5)

    Wilson Griffin Court (1)

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  • 4 years ago

    Dad: Craig Ian Kentaboo

    Mom: Taryn Moriah Ulrike

    Step-Dad: Edward Bryce Wellesley

    Step-Mom: Stasia Gabrielle Hazel

    Taryn's and Craig's kids:

    Madden Prince Kentaboo

    Destiny Summer Kentaboo

    Zac Carlton Kentaboo

    Edward's kids (with Craig):

    Lydia June Wellesley-Kentaboo

    Ambrose Genevieve Wellesley-Kentaboo

    Stasia's kids:

    August Timothy Hazel and March Alice Hazel

    Silas Graham Hazel

    Stasia's kids (with Taryn):

    Cosette Elsa Hazel-Ulrike

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  • 4 years ago

    Dad: Marcus Ian Court

    Mom: Chelsea Dakota Court (nee Newman)

    Step dad: Jonathan Isaac Michaels

    Step mom: Cheyenne Willow Court (nee Montgomery)

    Lydia Katheryn Court

    Christian Lewis Court

    Liz Genevieve Court

    Riley Alice Court

    Kaley Colleen Court

    Seth Elliot Court

    Madeleine Summer Court

    Beckett Benjamin Court

    Colin Joseph Court

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