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Why was Joan of Arc tried for Heresy?

I'm doing a "trial" in my history class and I'm on the "prosecution team" for Joan of Arc. I've been researching and I know that Joan of Arc was tried for heresy, witchcraft, and cross dressing. I understand the witchcraft and cross dressing part, but I can't find anything that supports the heresy part; I just know that she had twelve cases of heresy that was charged against her.

So what did Joan of Arc do that made the English put heresy charges against her?

Please make it simple... like you're talking to a ten year old! haha

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    Actually the core of the heresy charges were linked to her cross dressing. She took to wearing military clothes (those reserved for men) and did so in conflict with the Church’s stance on the roles for men and women at the time. Parts of the arguments have been lost, but the idea is that she knowingly subverted/ broke the establish rules, of what a man and woman should be as defined by the church. While she made a good case for the practical need for wearing clothes that were functional, even stating that she had been given permission by a Bishop, she was unsuccessful in her plea. The biggest problem with the heresy charge for her, was that it was a repeated offence (doing it day after day) so she was not able to say it was a ‘one-time thing’ which would have gotten her off.

    There is much more to all of this, but for a 10 year old, this should do.

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    Read "Joan of Arc" by Mark Twain. The translations from the original records are best explained in this book. The charges came from Dishonest Church officials and a cowardly French King.

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    Because the English wanted her dead pure and simple. She had out lived her usefulness to the Dauphine and became a threat to his authority. So the French arranged to have her captured by the Burgundians, who sold her to the English. Once the English had her she was toast no matter what.

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    Why don't you read a book about her haha? Do you not know what a library is haha?

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