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I finished 1st year of Bachelor of Science in Nursing in Philippines, Can I study in the USA?

Long story short: There's no K - 12 curriculum in the Philippines, but I'm in college and I finished my 1st year of Nursing in Philippines, are they gonna accept me if I apply to colleges here in America?

Very Detailed and sure answers only! Thanks!


P.S I was a former Philippine resident but now a U.S Citizen.

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    There is a K-12 school system in the Philippines now. They've changed it to match international standards.

    Since it sounds like you did not do the K-12 system in the Philippines, you don't have the equivalent to a US high school diploma. I would suggest that you personally contact admissions at the colleges in the US that you like, explain your situation to them, and see if they will admit you. If they cannot, then what a lot of people from the Philippines who live in the US do is take the US's GED exam. This gives you the equivalent of a US high school diploma, and you can then apply to US colleges.

    It may be possible for the US college to grant you some advanced standing, or "transfer credit" for the work you did at the university in the Philippines. When you apply to the US college, talk to them about this.

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    If you're trying to study abroad they have programs for that at many colleges throughout the US of A, on most college applications they have a separate application for abroad students to fill out, especially if you're a transfer student, one thing you could definitely do is make a list of your top 10 colleges that you would enjoy studying at and contact admissions by phone or via email, it usually takes a couple hours to a day or two to get back to you.

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