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Plot/ideas for my story?

So basically I'm working on an episode interactive story. (Search it up or download the app.) I need a plot/ character ideas for it. Something unique and different. Preferably comedy romance, something teenage girls will enjoy. However, if can't be too cliche or soppy. Thanks! X

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    If you come up with the idea yourself, you're more likely to stick with it. So work from what you have towards what you want. You know you want a romance element, so that means at least two characters. You want it to appeal to teens, so your characters are now teenagers. What sort of teenagers? Well, what kind of characters do you find interesting? You want your audience to fall in love with your characters, so YOU need to love them first. Think about what you find attractive, either in the real world or in fiction. Sometimes those two circles don't overlap.

    Romance stories break down into two types. The "omg, will they ever get together??" type and the "omg, will they make it as a couple??" type. This sets up your conflicts, so pick one. With the first, there's a reason to keep them apart. With the second, there's something trying to tear them apart. You can usually find a reason from their personalities. Maybe he was a player, and his psychotic ex is stalking her. Or maybe they're just too different. She's a wild child and he's straight edge. Through the course of the story, they have to overcome this obstacle.

    Next, think about what sort of stories you've found funny or romantic. What appealed to you? What sort of situations do you find funny? Wit? Slapstick? Jot down any scenes you can think of. It's romance, so there better be a kissing (or more) scene. Anything else you can think of? How about a date? Since it's a comedy, everything on the date should go wrong, right? How else will it be funny? You also need a scene where A realizes they love B, and maybe a scene where they fight, etc. etc. Then try and string these scenes together into a coherent story. Don't stress if you can't find ways to link them together. Try different combinations. Put yourself in your characters' heads. How would THEY react? What would THEY do?

    If you figure out the plot for yourself, you'd be working on what you find interesting. Which means you're more likely to finish what you start. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but it can be so much fun to play What If. There's a real sense of accomplishment to finding your own story. Don't stress about being unique or different. Every story has already been told, but what YOU bring to it is what's fresh and unique. The Fault in Our Stars has a really cliched story, but John Green puts his own thoughts on life into the story, and that's what keeps people reading.

    You know what story you want to tell. You just have to wiggle it out of your brain. Good luck!

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    I searched Google. "Plot ideas Romance"

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    Unless you want to show your lack or skill...

    Don't begin a sentence with "So"

    Don't use the word "basically"

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    Here's an idea: COME UP WITH YOUR OWN.

    It is your job as the writer to come up with these things, not others.

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      The general plot of a romance has always been : 1) Boy and Girl meet. 2) Boy and Girl get to know each other. 3) Something happens that breaks the relationship. 4) Boy or Girl seek to restore the relationship. 5) After a few escalating incidents of 3 & 4, Boy and Girl declare their love.

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