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Bj D asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 5 years ago

Trade Mark Ingram and Tyler Effeirt for Aj Green and Crockett Gilmore?

My rbs if l lose ingram will be thin. Foster, Mccoy and his back up Williams, Ronnie Hillman and David Johnson (droppable). My wideouts would be sick however.. Demarious thomas (underperforming). Antonio Brown, and would have AJ Green. I have Jordan Cameron other tight end. Qbs are Luck and Dalton. My worries are tight end is hard position to fill and scared i will be getting crap production with Gilmore and Cameron but will my wideouts make up for that? what do you think? oh and other wideouts are A Johnson = bum and desean jackson.

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  • 5 years ago
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    Ingram is outscoring Green and Eifert is significantly outscoring Gilmore. This doesn't make any sense for you since you'll also be hurting your RB depth. Cameron isn't even in the top 20 fantasy TEs. Keep Ingram and Eifert.

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