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How Can I Kick The Singer Out of my Band?

My friend (drummer) and I (lead guitarist) have formed a band with two more people (singer/bassist and rhythm guitarist) that we attend School of Rock with. The lead singer was selected a while ago to join School of Rock All Stars and was unable to rehearse due to practicing for that.

The drummer and I decided we would get a temporary replacement singer for him, but the person he chose he considers a close friend and their respective parents are good friends. The problem is, she cant sing into the mic, has bad pitch and looks up her lyrics at every practice, which eats at the time we have.

The drummer, however, is adamant that we don't kick her out, even when the original, who is clearly better, comes back. The rhythm guitarist and I agree that we need to get her out, but the drummer is ignoring the problems and won't get on our side. I don't want to screw up my relationship with him or his relationship with the singer, but I am getting more frustrated about the problems and it seems like myself and the rhythm guitarist are ready to back out if it keeps up. What should we do? Thanks!

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    OK, you were expecting a rational, reasonable, stable group? ROFLMAO!

    This crap can happen for years. Try to hang on to your band true soul mates, and let the rest of the issues go as needed. Unless you are the King of the Hill, it's not "your" band anyway, it's just the one you're in. All bands break up and reform. Take your best guy with you and walk away if you have to, or by yourself, 'ditto. If you have a putz for a singer, you're dead as a band anyway, and the less you become associated with a bad sound, the better. You may also find that your much-missed singer may not come back, anyway. Stay loose, keep looking for the right guys - and keep working your music & skill. Never stay stuck with people that don't get it. It's crazy, but gonna be alright.

    Go for it.

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    Kicking any member out of a band needs to be an all inclusive decision. Which means unless you can get your friend to agree with you than shes not going anywhere. You dont want to screw up your relationships yet if you press the issue and your friend eventually gives in he could resent the fact that you made him agree with your decision. If you want het out your going to have to get everyone on board. Until then shes staying.

  • Live and learn kid, Take my word for it, Someone is walking away butthurt on this one, Do you realize its every little girls dream to be the lead singer in a band? And do you know how hard it is for a drummer to get laid? Read between the lines here fer Christ sakes,

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