how do i get music from amazon music to itunes?

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  • 5 years ago
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    There is an Amazon Music Importer that you can use on your desktop/laptop, and then add as an app on your phone. It will scour your HD for any music on there ( so limit it to where you want it to search.) I assume that this is because you want to eventually put that Amazon music ON your phone, right? Once you have all the done, you can open the app on your phone, and there will be a DEVICE and CLOUD toggle. Clearly, the CLOUD will be all the music that it found - not just what you bought from Amazon, if anything, but ALL it found (I moved some things to exclude their folder from the search.) I download from the Cloud, what I want on my phone - and delete it form the phone when I want something else, to make room. The CATCH? - it also deletes it from the Amazon Importer on your desktop - but so what? you run it again for a couple of seconds, and it all comes back. This sounds like the OPPOSITE of what you asked for - but I am trying to think ahead, and anticipate some things you might find EVEN BETTER than the dreaded iTunes SYNC that messes with all your music.

    Now - is ALL you want to is get Amazon music to iTunes - heck, just open Window Explorer and DRAG it.

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