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what makes a government effective?

Im in 10th grade U.S history and i have to write a prompt on what makes a good government, so far i have a smart, strong leader and a motivated populist with a say in the government, and i need one or two more factors. Please help, thanks.



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  • 6 years ago
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    For a government to be effective, they must do their jobs efficiently. To make sure they do their jobs at all, corruption must be minimized. How this happens depends on the country and situation, but it could mean enacting or abolishing certain laws in order to cripple criminal organizations who fund corruption (this is a major argument in the drug war controversy), or adding more oversight so corruption is harder to get away with.

    To make sure they do their jobs efficiently, they need to do more with less money and fewer people, which means privatizing non-essential services wherever possible and cutting down on bureaucracy and excessive spending. However, as you may have noticed, there is a certain balance between too large a government and too small a government. Too much bureaucracy causes waste, and too little results in a lack of oversight and abuses of power.

    A government must also have the trust and support of its people to be effective. This means at least basing the leadership on the results of fair elections that give every citizen an equal voice. If an election is rigged or certain people aren't allowed on the ballot, people become disloyal and lose interest in respecting the law or the government. A certain amount of trust in citizens is also warranted, in that enough freedoms must be granted (sometimes at the apparent expense of security) that the citizens' personal autonomy is respected. If citizens feel they are treated like children or not allowed to control their own lives, this could lead them to the conclusion that their government is abusive and could spark disloyalty or civil unrest.

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    6 years ago

    Government is a reflection of the voters. To have good effective government you must limit voting to decent people

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    A person that can regulate laws and that also knows how to keep the majority happy and not just the government. Also, good government should not be highly opinionated and should be open to all views.

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