How many chances do you get before Instagram deletes you?

i have a photography acc on ig and it got deleted twice already, ive gotton an "action blocked/comment block" pop up today because i simply asked a user to like my recent. I'm wondering how many of these pop ups it takes until my acc gets deleted, just to be safe. and what can i do to prevent my acc from getting deleted

Ps: check out my acc ;) @stephanielittonphotography

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  • 4 years ago
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    Double check terms and conditions and don't breach them. Usually it's 3, but it also depends on the severity of 'what you did' to get blocked. Obviously doing something illegal offline will get you instantly blocked, so I wouldn't suggest posting pictures of you smoking a bong or whatever...

    Comment blocks are non-severe. Asking for people to like your stuff isn't severe either, but it should be obvious that if you persist to break the exactly same rule it will also be considered as SPAM, this is a mid-ranged to high-ranged severity and will get you blocked permanently.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Just stop breaking the rules.

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