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Is there anywhere i can legally commit suicide?

Im just so freaking sad and bored. Im a fat loser and I'm a 20 yr old living with his mom.

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    that makes me feel bad,im 30 and have depression and other health issues preventing me from working and being a normal person and i still live with my parents. i also tried suicide and survived,wasnt pretty.

    In the past, many states had laws that regarded the act of suicide as a felony, but these laws were seldom enforced. In the 1980s, 30 out of 50 United States has no laws opposing suicide or attempting suicide. With that said, all 50 states had laws stating that assisted suicide is a felony. Currently there is no law against the act of committing suicide in the United States.

    In some cases though, suicide is considered “common law crime” unless the victim can be proven to have been of “unsound mind.” Most lawsuits regarding suicide happen when the person is under supervision of a jail or hospital and the victim’s family sues these institutions for negligence. Physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill is legal in Oregon and Washington.

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    Don't committ suicide, all that will do is make your loved ones and all of your friends depressed too. You wouldn't want anyone else to feel the way you do right now do you? And I promise things will get better. Living with your mom when you're 20 isn't bad, it's actually a normal thing that people do to get started in life. If it gets too bad, you could get help from a doctor and get anti-depressants.

    Source(s): I used to be depressed, but I knew what it would do to my friends and family if I committed suicide, so I stayed strong. Things soon got better, and I am so glad I held onto life. Now, whenever I see someone depressed I do everything I can to help them get through it.
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    You are 20 years old. You have a whole life to life. You are not going to be living with your mom forever. You don't have to be fat sad and bored. You are in control of your life, I promise. Just figure out what the first step is and take it.

  • Oregon and now California made it the law just the other day.

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    If you are terminal, you can in Oregon.

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    No, the police will suck your ghost into a ghost vacuum and lock you in ghost jail. Wtf?

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