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How do you cook chicken?

How do you typically cook chicken for your family? Bake? Fry pan? skillet?

And steak?

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    Salt & pepper a whole chicken, throw it in a 350 F oven. Cook until it's an internal temperature of 160 F.

    Pull off the two flappy joints of wings and eat those standing in the kitchen because they're crispy and yummy but let the rest of the bird rest until it's safe to handle.

    Take the meat off the bones, serve breast meat with pan gravy for dinner (or meals or just me) and use the dark meat for gumbo or soups.

    This is not the only way I make chicken but it's the thing I do most often. It's easy and I happen to like plain chicken with gravy. I buy pastured chickens that are only raised on grasses and the farm sells them natural, not injected with liquid. There's not a lot of juices to run out, it's all tasty meat.

    Occasionally I'll cut one down to fry (which was a failure last time) or make fajitas or coq a vin but normally it's just roasted and broken down.

    The carcass and scraps are used for stock. Nothing is wasted.

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  • Two favorite ways...

    Jacques Pepin's Quick-Roasted Chicken with Mustard and Garlic http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/quick-roasted-c... I let the butcher cut the backbone out for me. Takes about 10 minutes to prep and just over 30 to cook. You end up with a juicy, tender, flavorful roast chicken.

    I cook chicken thighs using this recipe Roasted Chicken Provençal http://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1017327-roasted... Ridiculously easy to prepare, juicy, loaded with fresh flavor. So good - I always make a big batch and have it for two or three meals.

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    I like to make chicken parm. So I cook it in a fry Pan.

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    If I make about 10 chicken thighs. I get 3 pounds of butter & put in pot & melt. While thats melting I get out 2 large bowls, fill one with warm water & and one with flour. I take the wrapper off the chicken. When butter is melted I pour it into 2 baking pans about half way up, then I put chicken in warm water, then flour & upside down in baking pan. I set the oven for 325 degrees. When all chicken is in the Baking pans, I cover each with Aluminum foil & put in oven for 33 minutes. When done I pull them out, uncover turn them all over & add Krafts original Barbaque Sauce, then cover & return to oven for 33 more minutes. I clean everything up & when chicken is done I put in put in plastic containers , but hold 2 back for my dinner. Pour out the hot butter into an old coffee can & soak in dish soap & water to clean later. Then when chicken has cooled about 20 minutes later put in refrigerator. = DONE. Mike

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    Foreman Grill

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    if i have a whole chicken or portions on the bone, i smear the outside with dark soy sauce and put the chicken in a pyrex dish with lid. i then cook a medium sized chicken or portions for 25 minutes in the microwave and they come out just right and still very juicy.

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    Cut the breast meat into strips. Coat with seasoning and flour and deep fry.

    Trim the fat off the chicken breast. ( the fat gets cooked into homemade dog food ) Marinade it in oil/seasoning. Put them on the grill. After they are done, each one goes into a baggie and then several go into a freezer bag. I take them in my lunch. It is good sliced, made into tacos or salad.

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    For a whole chicken, I clean it, coat it with butter and rub with salt, pepper and thyme. Bake at 350degrees about 20 mins per lb. and eat. For bone-in pieces, I coat them in a spiced breadcrumb mixture and bake at same temp. For boneless chicken, I season (depends on my mood), and pan fry on the stovetop, basting with lemon, till nice and brown.

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    Right now, I have a whole chicken and mirepoix stuffing roasting in the oven. I also like to pound chicken breasts flat, and prepare them like wienerschnitzel.

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