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So I got high for the first time a couple days ago.(sophomore hs) Me and a buddy of mine were cruising around town and stopped at my garage for a while and he had a box mod vape pen. He offered me a hit and I took it. He set it to 30 watts for me, and I got an awesome high from it. What could he have been using in the tank? I have been using another vape pen the past few days full of e juice without nicotine and do not get a high at all. Was this just a nicotine high, or would it have had to be something else? He said it was 15 mg of nicotine. Is a nicotine high this great? I want to get this kind of high every time I vape, could somebody help me out with a good method without using cannabis or any form of thc?

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    5 years ago
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    Have you ingested nicotine before? For me, nicotine would never ever be considered a high. I don't smoke/vape nicotine at all so my tolerance is relatively low, but at most i feel a little energized and alert with appetite suppression, nothing I would say makes me feel "high". The only way to know what your friend was vaping is to ask. There's a chance he had cannabis in his pen, there are modifications for most pens that allow you to use cannabis, and that would explain a high feeling.

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