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Spiritually speaking: would you write me some poetry from the inside of your mind?

I just did that, right now, in another question, and I figured it was pretty damn interesting! And deeply cathartic, at a spiritual level... ;)

I'll share mine, right now, if you'll share yours. I'll just post it as an answer to my own question, to inspire you people. And unless it's the ONLY answer I get, I promise I won't choose it as the BA... And also, yes, it is kind of crazy. But I have decided that I simply do not care at this point! I'm a weird one, alright... And most likely, so are you! Whether you want to admit it or not.. ;)

PS: in order to make this even more R&S relevant, of course your faith, or the lack thereof, might figure into it in some way! Or it could even be the main focus... That is ALL up to you! I basically just want to know your insides, and what makes you tick. Which is MUCH easier to share when you can be at least partially anonymous, amirite...? :)

4 Answers

  • itsme
    Lv 6
    6 years ago
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    I boldly tread on sidewalk cracks. Fear belongs to others. Two paths meander ahead. I choose one less traveled. Other-worldly light dispels all shadows. Flowers serenade me, swaying in song. Love sweeps over me, coursing through my hair. Winged giants gather 'round. Eternity welcomes me home. A voice like thundering waters, urges me to leave. Darkness envelops me. I wake up in my bed.

  • Cassie
    Lv 6
    6 years ago

    So you want a blueprint of my mind, do you?

    I wish I had one. Although most likely, it would be more like a rainbowprint. Filled with the most exquisite, beautiful yearning, and light, and darkness, and hope, and desperation... You'd get trapped in it, and sucked into some kind of never-ending, spiraling vortex into another dimension. There would be rose gardens, and sunsets, and cups of herbal tea in various delicious flavors, and bubble baths, and euphoric giggles, and places you could lick, that would transport you into different realities... Realities of purple bats, and deliciously crunchy, sweet-tasting evenings, and body parts melting into the ground, and souls dissolving into the middle of Everything... You would lose yourself. You would love. You would cry. You would be all taken over by beauty, and insanity, and appreciation, jumping up and down.. Yet also this edgy, driving, impatient "why the hell not?!?", with sharp teeth, pulsating veins, and a deeply seated need to turn every existent reality on its head, and break every single rule, in this deep, innately internalized search for something... something.. something.. THAT thing! There is the edge.

    There is this girl. There is this soul. There is just me, all stripped of pretense. Knowing that I cannot be forever in this body. All covered in glass bites, and swirling ivy branches, and melting pink love hearts, and my own sweat and tears... I could smile. I could cry. It would make very little difference. It still is whatever it is, and it is ALWAYS something! I know how to cope. I don't know how to cope. I want. I fear. I'm dead. I'm alive. I'm walking on the edge.. Walking, walking, walking, towards this beautiful horizon, that I'll either reach, or die trying to reach. There is one path. There is one way. But my past still holds me back sometimes. Still shows up in my dreams sometimes. But I'll melt reality, like a bad polaroid, and reach new heights on these newly grown wings, hoping that they will carry me far, FAR away from here... I love. I fear. But I think usually, I love more than I fear. There is exquisite darkness. I am in love with the light. I am a bunch of mismatched colors, purple nail polish flaking off, and badly concealed opposites.

    ..There you go. That is a piece of my mind.

    Do you feel like you know me now?

  • ?
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    God is good,God is good. He loves man and wants what man should. Man should want God to reign to ease the suffering and agonizing pain. God is good, his rule is forever, give God the glory for he is your loving Father

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Once my life was filled with xtianity Satan filled my life with joy joy Satan Satan Satan badest name I know.

    Oh Christ is coming back to torture me throw me from his sky II burn in hell scream forever more!

    Satan Satan Satan sweetest name I know!

    Fills my every longing keeps me sinning as I go!

    Shemhamforash hail Satan!

    OK I wrote that little mockery ditty when I was studying practical satanisim!

    I can sing it backwards if you like muahahaha!

    Sung to the tune of Jesus sweetest name I know!

    Please pass the goats blood.

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