How do I ask to spend the night at my boyfriends house?

We're both 16 turning 17 in a couple of months and I'd really like to spend the night with him. We've been dating for 11 months and my mom has known since day one. She knows we've been sexually active with each other as well, and she knows I'm on birth control and he uses condoms (she asked). I used to spend the night with his sister when we were dating, but then he moved into his dad's house and we barely see each other.

We're really close and my mom knows this and how much I care about him, and how amazingly he treats me. But since we rarely see each other already, and my family is talking about moving, I'd really love to spend more than a couple hours with him. She knows I respect her wishes as well.

Should I just ask if I can, and state the reason why I want to right off the bat or what?

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  • Ginger
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    5 years ago
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    To be honest, not really sure.

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