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I can t bond with my boyfriend s 10 yr old son. How can I deal with this rude child, who s only focus in his life is Xbox?

When my 8 yr old daughter is around this kid, his son is nasty to her and acts like a bully. I tell my boyfriend about his son s behaviour but he doesn t seem to discipline the kid enough. My bf sees his son every weekend during the school year and most of the summer. His son is rude to me, doesn t acknowledge me half the time and clearly doesn t accept me or my child in his dad s life. I think he s trying to break us up. What can I do or say to make my bf understand that his son needs to be disciplined more. Nee were talking of moving in together but the thought of being around his kid makes me sick!!

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  • Jason
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    if you decide to move in with this man his anti social son will become more of a problem this boy most likely would harm your daughter in a physical way game consoles are a very big problem these days because most parents let their sons sit around all day playing xbox or playstation it damages their mental state parents don't seems to care something needs to be done about this boys behaviour taking away his xbox getting him to do outside activities is what he needs

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    Is it a possibility that your boyfriends ex gf (mother of the son) is talking **** about you to the boy? Thats why he doesnt take you seriously and disrespects you. I say this bc thats happening to my family. My step dads daughter doesnt really like my mom and we know its true that the ex gf of my step dad is talking **** bc thats what she does. Im not sure how these things work but maybe u can talk to the ex gf? Im not sure this is the best idea so think about it yourself before taking my advice. Also, when the daughter comes over my mom usually goes out those days or is just generally away. All of my siblings (from my mom) are older so shes allowed to do that but maybe since ur girl is still young she can visit grandma or aunty those days. To seperate them? Sorry if i didnt help- im just telling u how to avoid it not actually confront it. But thats bc if the ex gf doesn't like u shes prolly stubborn to change

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    "When my 8 yr old daughter is around this kid, his son is nasty to her and acts like a bully."

    Really? Yet you still wonder what to do? Girls who grow up knowing their welfare takes second place to mommy's love life make some pretty scary choices as they get older.

    Stop worrying about his spoiled brat and start worrying about your little girl. Your priorities are whacked.

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    Before you two move n together, you need to make an agreement about the kids. Stop calling him names and focus on the behavior you won't allow.

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  • ?
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    well it is going to require some work on your part to get him to accept you. as far as he is concern you are invading his space and taking his dad way from him. you need to earn his trust and love. sit down with your BF and have a talk with him and reassure him of his place, and your intention with his father. sometime kids only need a little clarification about the situation.

  • 5 years ago

    You haven't earned the kids respect. You aren't his mom. Why do you think he should automatically like you?

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