Can someone help me find a good country concert?

I'm trying to find a good Christmas present for my boyfriend. He really likes country music, specially "classic" country. He doesn't like pop country. For example, he doesn't like Florida Georgia Line, but he loves Alan Jackson and George Strait. I'd really like to get him concert tickets for Christmas, but I'm having a hard time finding a concert. The concert needs to be by a "classic" country artist and it needs to be in either Kentucky or Ohio because I live in one state and he lives in the other, so either one would be easier than something accross the country. I would also prefer it to be either after Christmas or close to Christmas. I've been trying to find concerts fitting that criteria, but I'm horrible at researching that kind of thing. I'm just trying to find suggestions and see if anyone knows of concerts meeting that criteria. Any and all useful information is greatly appreciated!

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  • 4 years ago
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    I spent some time looking. Unfortunately I don;t see any concerts that would be classic country artists in the time frame mid December to mid January in your area. There's a wonderful classic country show - Merle Haggard in Ohio and the next night in Kentucky where he will be on stage with Willie Nelson. You can;t get more classic than that pairing. Unfortunately the Ohio show is Thursday 10/22 and the Haggard/Nelson show is the next night.

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