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What is the confederate flag?

What exactly does the confederate flag symbolise and why is it 'disliked' quite a bit. I know it was apparently used in the American Civil war but other than that I'm not sure.

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    Actually the flag that people complain about is not the Confederate flag. Truth be known very few Americans would reconize a real Confederate flag if the saw one. The flag people "dislike" is the battle flag of the Army of Tennessee which is similar to the Battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia and the Second Confederate Naval Jack

    Despite never having historically represented the Confederate States of America as a country, nor officially recognized as one of its national flags, the rectangular Second Confederate Navy Jack and the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia are now flag types commonly referred to as "the Confederate Flag." They both have become a widely recognized symbol of the Southern United States. It is also known as the "rebel flag", "Dixie flag", and "Southern cross".

    As of the early 21st century, the "rebel flag" has become a highly divisive symbol in the United States. In a national survey in 2015 across all races, 57% of Americans had the opinion that the second Confederate Navy Jack represented Southern pride rather than racism. A similar poll in 2000 had a nearly identical result of 59%. However, poll results from only the South yielded a completely different result - 75% of Southern whites described the flag as a symbol of pride, while 75% of Southern blacks said the flag represented racism.

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    The Confederate Flag was the flag of the Confederate States that broke off from the Union during the Civil War. The Confederacy was made up of 7(I think) states. People dislike it because they think it represents how the Confederacy was pro-slavery, and identify it with racism and anti-civil rights.

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    The reason it's disliked has to do with what it was used for AFTER the American Civil War. It has been used by many racist terrorist organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan to advocate racism and violence against black people for the past 150 years.

    Those who display it sometimes take a faux-naive stance, asserting that it merely symbolizes a "pride in their heritage," but they deliberately and ingenuously omit the fact that that "heritage" includes slavery and terrorism.

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    Wikipedia has a very good entry on it. Read through that for the basics.

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