My Mother had a dream...?

I was murdered by some futuristic person who looked a lot like my first love, he murdered me in the fall, at the Nature Park Luerel Hurst Park, and cut me into 17 peices, then she was told because I have gone after the psychic stuff, and to no fault of my own that I was dead, then she was told by the LOH that my body will never be found, and that I will never see death. I was found on a Jesus Platform nailed there and it said "I am the resurrection and the life" my mother awoke very frightened.


I know that my Mother and Father were dragged to court for abusing me at 17, I was taken out of the home and placed in Beaverton, then Hillsboro, the Portland, I have never returned home, and for a time I have actually thrived and also degenerated in this place, I am actually very depressed, and have never been emancipated at 18. Fortunately as soon as I prove to my group home that I will be able to survive on my own I will actually be able to get emancipated and leave. I am moving in 2 years.

Update 2:

I have actually found Jesus and am actually beginning to grow and become more in touch with the Gnosis everyday.

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    Being cut into 17 pieces parallels the Egyptian mythology about Osiris being cut into 14 pieces by Set -- & Isis seeking all the pieces. To my understanding Mary Magdalene was a Priestess of Isis before she discovered & united with Yeshua in what became *their* ministry.

    LOH means Lord of Hosts?

    You wrote, "I was found on a Jesus Platform nailed there and it said 'I am the resurrection and the life' my mother awoke very frightened."

    Certainly Mary Magdalene *experienced* those feelings of Jesus being crucified, many times in her life, every time she would remember & have nightmares of it. How *she* ended up dying out of that incarnation -- who truly knows? The different women who perceive themselves as having been her remember differently. But Mary Suzanne Luck remembers being tortured for... i think it was... 4 days before she finally died. It's not *impossible* that the historical Magdalene *was* cut up into 17 pieces by her torturers. And it's possible you *might* be... this time around or in some future incarnation.

    And yet Mary Magdalene... as with Yeshua... has never *truly* died. That death-of-the-physical-body was only a metamorphosis into their Larger Spiritual Essence, a return to their Larger Self.

    One of the things Yeshua told me in July of this year (i've just finished typing-in & proof-reading the Voice*Notes for that month) was something along the lines of, "I thought you understood that we are the *same*." -- in reference to Mary Magdalene & himself. Their soul-essences are two halves of the same whole.

    The *return* of the *genuine* Mary Magdalene Spiritual Essence into incarnation (being, in reality, ChristSophia in her Essence of Being) -- in her total Oneness with Yeshua -- *is* fully as much "the resurrection and the life" as is Christ, as is Sophia.

    Three of the Magdalene incarnates (relative to whom i have *no* doubts as their authenticity -- for each of them has been *proven* to me to be her *reality*) have had abusive mothers, this-incarnation-around.

  • Jump in a Lazarus pit with your mum and Satan if ur female.

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  • 4 years ago

    Listen it was a dream my Mother was given. It is a question please interpret.

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  • Den B7
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    Is this supposed to be a question?

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