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Install windows 10 to SSD from Hard drive?

I'm considering upgrading to windows 10 with the free update. However i'm wondering if i could install it onto an SSD rather than my hard drive? I ask this because windows 7 is installed on my hard drive, but i want it on an ssd for faster load speeds. However i haven't bought the SSD yet, and only will if it's possible to install windows 10 to it. Thanks.

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  • 5 years ago
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    Disk cloning is an option but only if the storage requirements match up. If your HDD has more stuff on it that than SSD can store then cloning isn't the answer.

    Best idea is to simply upgrade your current Windows 7 install to Windows 10. Get the download tool, create Windows 10 install media on a USB stick. Run the setup program from the stick while you're in Windows 7 to start the upgrade.

    Check that Windows 10 is activated once the upgrade is finished. Disconnect your HDD and connect your SSD. Boot from your USB stick and clean install Windows 10. You won't need to enter a product key so leave any product key fields blank and click Skip or Next. Windows 10 will install and activate automatically. If the OS looks good then you can turn off your PC and reconnect your HDD, copy over any files from the HDD to the SSD then format the hard drive.

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  • 5 years ago

    What you would do is buy the SSD drive and then clone your current hard drive onto the SSD drive. Replace your hard drive with the SSD drive and reboot your system. Once you have rebooted you can upgrade to Windows 10.

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