2000 Ford Taurus interchangable with other taurus's???

Ok whats up yahoo people. So my story is, i own a 2000 ford taurus, its been the best and the most reliable vehicle i have ever own. i surprisingly have gotten more compliments on this car more than any other car i have owned. and this car holds a sh**load of sentimental value to me. but anyway i have totalled it and it broke my heart. i had all the hook ups in this baby and i want to be able to transfer these things into another taurus (preferbly a 2000) but the one thing im worried about is my black leather seats (power electric seats). so im here to ask: what other years of taurus's are interchangable with a 2000 taurus?? (leather power seats specificly).

also, i know this question has many diffrent answers but can anyone give me a ball park estimate on how much this transfer can cost?

thanks guys hope u can help me

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  • 4 years ago
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    if you was to do this i would find a 2000 and make sure it was built within the same month lots of things change on prodution lines during a model run year to year month to month and also if you wanted the seats and such to swap the car would have to have the same option package yours has electric seats same radio every thing work for ford motor company

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