skyrim amulet of mara priestess is dead in riften?

ok i wanna get the amulet of mara but the priestess i need 2 talk 2 was killed by vampires. how can i get another one? i stored it in my chest later i went back n it was gone. wat do i do

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    If you're talking about Dinya Balu who gives you an amulet at the end of the Book of Love quest, she's just one option for obtaining an amulet, and other than being a possible source for an amulet, she's not involved in marriage.

    It's the priest named Maramal who you must talk to in order to get married at all. He is programmed "essential" and cannot die unless you've used console commands or a mod that changes the basic game. You have to exhaust all conversation options with him before anyone else in Skyrim will even talk to you about marriage. He will be able to sell you one. If you try to wear one without talking to him first, you won't be able to get married (unless you're using a mod or console commands on PC).

    You can find an amulet of Mara inside of an abandoned tent on the shoreline east from Dawnstar. It's an unmarked location, but you should be able to find shoes, wine, cups, several flowers, two bedrolls, and an amulet somewhere on the ground inside the tent (implying that two people were maybe celebrating their marriage or engagement). Amulets of Mara will also turn up as random treasure and might be sold by merchants. You might try Radiant Raiment in Solitude, they often have a lot of jewelry.


    PS Make sure you're storing your stuff in a chest that is safe for storage. General chests, barrels and such, throughout Skyrim are not necessarily safe. For safe storage (locations that don't respawn) see:

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    Amulet of Mara drops randomly in the game. I'd say your best bet would be to go attack some Mages, or guards. Any human NPC can drop them.

    You could also pickpocket as well.

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