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Would I Look Good As A Platinum Blonde?

I have been considering dying my hair either black or platinum blonde (bleaching). I was born a platinum but as I got older it turned into a dirty ash blonde...which I completely hated so I went lighter and it looked really good but then I went darker and that looked good. I had light hair for the past summer and I just dyed my hair a light-medium brown a few weeks ago. I have blue/grey/green/icy eyes and white (not pale, but not tan) skin. would I look good with black or platinum and is it too soon to dye my hair again? (I've been keeping it wicked healthy- deep conditioning every other day and stuff like that)

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  • Carly
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    4 years ago

    Hey, That's a lotttt of damage to your hair doing it that soon, especially if you want to bleach it. Wait atleasttt a month to a month an half. My recommendations for you.. sounds like you like coloring your hair a lot. I would suggest your next hair appt if you should tell the stylist to do demi. not permeant hair color if you are going black. black is soooo hard to get out of your hair. Especially if you changed your mind and wanted to be blonde. Hairstylists would laugh. Do.. demi. if black. It's last about 4-6 weeks, and is easier to get out then permeant. Anyway platinum might take a while because you just colored your hair dark. so be prepared that getting almost white platnium the process might take 2 visits. Good luck

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