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DO YOU FEEL africa need population control or not?

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    Africa absolutely needs population control. In biology there's an expression, "carrying capacity", which is how much life the habitat can support. For example, a square mile of eastern hardwood forest can support about thirty whitetail.

    Africa was 9% of the global population in 1950. They will be 40% of the world population by 2050. Earth is about 6.5 billion people now projected to be 11.5 billion by 2100. While birthrates are declining in most regions, they are exploding in Africa and the Middle East. They are ruining their own habitat. Countries with cattle-based economies, like Egypt and Kenya, are over grazing their pastures turning them into useless deserts where the top soil has blown away. When I was a kid in the seventies one of my first memories was of a starving black kid in a hoola skirt with a distended belly and flies on his face and a do-gooder charity person begging for donations. Guess what? Those commercials are still on. If you feed them, they breed. Now there are even more black kids begging for handouts. The do-gooder solution is no solution at all.

    Here comes the controversial part and inevitable cries of racism. The average black has a seventy nine IQ. They didn't selectively breed for intelligence because in an equatorial climate with abundant food they didn't have to. While everyone knows an exception, that smart black guy in tech support or whatever, most blacks are incapable of functioning in modern society. Look at Detroit, Baltimore, Memphis, New Orleans. Haiti. The Congo. Dumps, all. Rhodesia and South Africa were self sustaining and exporting under white rule, and when the blacks took over they drove it into ruin. Reader, you may find that offensive and discordant with your world view, but that is the truth. Hard reality. Yelling for censorship of the truth because it offends you makes you part of the problem.

    Look at California. Democrats wanted immigration so they could get the electoral votes and retain power, so Clinton stopped enforcing the border and swarmed a desert with millions upon millions of Latinos. Now, they have outbred the water. No green lawns, no washing your car. It's not a drought. It's a desert. They exceeded their carrying capacity.

    Africa desperately needs population control, for their own good and the good of earth.

    Source(s): Overpopulation, Overdevelopment, Overshoot by Tom Butler 2015
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    Not only Africa Every Country Needs To population control

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    No. I believe that with development Africa will start to change. First of all keep in mind that Africa is a Continent the country with the most people in the world is actually China.

    Now, if you think about Europe during the industrial revolution you'll notice that there was widespread poverty because the economy was growing so fast. When you grow up in poverty you're main goal is survive so poor people often had as much children as they could so that they could send them off to work and bring home money. More kids= more money. But not every child survived for a long time so they had more kids in case their kids died. Bad/Expensive healthcare= have more kids. This is the same thing that is happening in Africa. Africa is changing fast! A lot of African economies are getting better and the focus has shifted to educating people and family planning. Africa isn't doomed. That's wishful thinking from Europe and China. Everyone here is talking out of their asses!

    Source(s): There's more to Africa than the media shows! I got this from careful research.
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    I think every country needs population control. By saying this I don't mean killing everyone, I just mean we shouldn't needlessly bring lives into the world if they aren't going to get the support they need.

    Take puppy farming for example. There are dogs across the world that need homes, but breeders keep breeding more then they can handle, creating an infinite loop.

    Now I'm NOT says we should all stop having babies or have laws on who gets them, but I'd suggest that instead of having 5 kids you should be adopting some. If you can't provide for a foster child then how can you expect to have kids of your own?

    If this were to be enforced in one place I think it'dvonly be fair to have it enforced everywhere. Every country has its flaws so let's stop targeting Africa. If every country supported every other country we'd have MUCH less problems.

    But realistically none of this would ever come into play. It's a nice thought though in my opinion :)

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    I don't think so much population control, maybe Mexico, China, India, and other South American or Asian countries. Maybe not Africa so much, many people over die of AIDS/HIV, Ebola, Sleeping sickness, Yellow Fever, etc. Besides, more African people means more French speakers in countries of the world. Also, China and India might need more population control than any place else in the world since they are the two most populated countries in the world.

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    Does YOUR country need population control?

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    I think China and India Needs population control.

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    yes, I feel that Africa need population control.

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    No. Population control is wrong. It is pure fascism. I think what would help Africa is free market capitalism not foreign aid handouts that creates dependency and most of which goes to corrupt dictators anyway.

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    No, most countries in Asia need population control.

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