How to have a beautiful home?

For many of us a beautiful home is a thing of the future, that will some how magically appear once we’ve found that perfect house or insanely perfect loft with the perfect spouse and the perfect children to go along with it. That’s actually too bad. Why not make the space you live in right now perfect?

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  • 4 years ago

    As a career, I would like to be an interior designer. We all see houses beautifully in our own way. Not everyone is going to have the same liking towards a house, or think its beautiful. I think the best person to answer this question is the homeowner him or herself, because, no matter what they do, or whoever they ask advice from, there will still be someone who doesn't like it. To have a beautiful house is to love your house. You need to make your house a wonderful place to live for yourself. Make it represent you, and make it hold happy and loving memories.

    A beautiful house doesn't always need to look as though it has come from a magazine. I have a specific design preference that I love, and find other designs not quite as nice. However, I sometimes visit people's houses that have such a nice feeling to them. The feeling of a house with spirit, and warmth. These houses are not houses that have been professionally designed. They are houses that have been lived in by amazing people. People who have brought home their memories, and life into the house. Most of the time, their houses are filled with an assortment of things, that do not match at all! Yet it all just seems to say, "I'm home."

    But we all need to remember- if you want a beautiful house, you need to take care of your home.

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      Good answer ( :

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  • 4 years ago

    In my opinion, all of us would really like to have a beautiful life and one of the things that we consider to have is a beautiful home. I believe in order for us to have that, we must set our goals and we must know what's right or wrong, we should also needs to be contented of what we have and make sure that we are not stepping at anyone's shoe or in other word, don't hurt someone emotionally, intelectually,socially and physically. Everything will fall into place if you wait for the right time. And a simple house with loving husband or wife and son/daugther that is very cheerful,kind and obedient will contruct a beautiful home.

    Godbless all of us and may we live our life with the blessings and love of God


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  • 4 years ago

    There are a group of tricks that can be used to provide a look which is considered by many to be beautiful. Here are 8 of them ... though the actual list is longer. Mind you, these are a series of shortcuts or (if you will) "tricks". There are many ways to establish a beautiful room ... some very complex ... many very expensive. These guidelines will produce excellent results at lower cost.

    they are ...

    1) avoid wall to wall carpeting except in bedrooms. Have wood floors, with - or without rugs.

    2) avoid furniture that does not have legs ... this would specifically be easy-chars, couches, dressers etc, where the carcass of the piece goes all the way to the floor without legs.

    3) use very complimentary (or in some cases identical) cloth/material for a combination of curtains, upholstery and pillows. Generally this means similar in color and design.

    4) use decorative window treatments. Curtains, shades, wood blinds, valences etc etc. Doesn't have to be expensive but does need to be decorative and elaborate enough to compliment the room.

    5) use decorative trim in rooms ... crown molding, door and window trim, baseboards, chair rails, etc. Not difficult to do but has a great effect. Rooms that have no trim or architectural details makes it look like you are living in an apartment. Further, rooms with no architectural elements end up relying on specialty furniture to look good ... relying solely on furniture and furnishings is a *much* more expensive route to make a room beautiful.

    6) use muted wall tones ... these are sometimes referred to as colors that are "dusty" or "faded" ... and don't use white or off-white (except on ceilings) and don't use bright colors. Use muted colors like sage green, taupe, wheat, etc ... and err toward a lack of color not the other way around (so, when in doubt do not go to a brighter hue or shade of a color).

    7) have 5 (five) items in each room that would be specialty or "specimen" items ... that is, something that is particularly fine and nice. Five of them. Any combination of things from a really nice painting, to a really fine leather chair, to a piece of art glass/bowl etc on the coffee table, to fresh flowers.

    8) to choose a theme for style and color in a room, use a single object which contains those colors, and that 'style', as your guide. A painting .... a ceramic spaghetti bowl ... a majolica vase ... a throw pillow on the couch. Style/color/design/ and possibly texture (whether an actual texture or a texture suggested by the style) as well.

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  • 4 years ago

    I feel real home is not the one which is big, very well furnished having every thing any comfort-seeker can dream. In my dictionary, a beautiful home is the one where all family members find themselves spiritually happy. All extend real love and respect to other family members. Where a real (NOT ARTIFICIAL) smile welcomes you from your life partner and from other members of your own family once you enter in it. Where you get rid of all your worries and mental/physical stress after meeting your own family members. Such hope is the most beautiful even if it is a 2 rooms apartment only.

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      and one room even. that sacred space.

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  • I care
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    4 years ago

    I agree with so many that have responded already. Keeping a home clean, no clutter, and comfortable is a good thing. To personalize it with your ideas and learning from others helps along the way. I used to sale decorations in the 70's and learn to properly hang wall pieces, and grouping.

    Having fun and liking your home in the end is what makes it worth all the work. Blessings

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  • 4 years ago

    i have found the books by alexandra stoddard instrumental in making my home. i am influenced by john fowler, nancy lancaster, ralph lauren's tartan interiors, ben pentreath, and ros byam shaw. i would fall all over myself to meet laurence llewellyn bowen.

    my style is english country house/"shabby genteel"/colonial williamsburg with bright Georgian wall colors, queen anne and chippendale furniture, leather Chesterfield sofas, books everywhere. history buff.

    my house is very out of place with today's look. i find most of my stuff and furniture at charity shops.

    here is a story that i posted on another site

    i was lucky to spend the day in an english noble lord and lady's home when i lived there for halliburton. the lord of the manor worked for halliburton as an engineer and so invited my ex and I to a day at their home and lunch. this is where i learned to relax in the "matchy matchy everything has to be new and beige" american thing that we do.

    the home originally was a medieval timberframe - as you entered to the right, there was a BIG, huge, saggy, off center, classic medieval hall with the little rooms (buttery, bedroom, etc) off the end. Imagine the fire in the middle of the hall floor. Imagine a lady in a warm woolen houpeland and hennin hat telling her servants instructions for the day. Imagine everyone asleep in the hall. the medieval section was used as a library, saggy with books.

    then got added tudor/elizabethan addition with linen fold wooden paneling, flagstone floor, enormous fireplace, and the stairs which went up, which was presently the entry hall area. There was a georgian addition to the rear, which was technically and for photographic purposes the front of the house. there was an upstairs to the georgian addition. It was long and one room led into the other, in the baroque style. To the left, a modern 1960 era addition with a modern kitchen, heat, and plumbing-- trailing off the end of the house.

    all the plumbing was in that end of the house so if you wanted a toilet, radiator heat, or a shower you had to put on a robe and go to that end of the house. I'm sure there was heat elsewhere, i just didn't see it. in england there are these fancy white painted radiator covers you can get that look like furniture.

    we weren't allowed upstairs to the private family rooms. the house wasn't that big, big enough for a normal (upper class) family. i can't begin to imagine what the taxes were on that place or trying to comply with english heritage. the wife ran the estate while her hubby was an engineer.

    what i learned was that everything doesn't have to match. that rich, upper class, people use washable slipcovers in chintz and damask, and keep furniture for generations. it was interesting that 1960s furniture was in the medieval hall, that modern, jacobean, georgian, victorian and medieval furniture existed comfortably in the same room. It was ok that the paint was peeling, and that the walls weren't straight. All of these things would drive an american batty.

    so learned to relax and paint my front door royal blue.

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  • 4 years ago

    Starting from beautiful mind with perfect design and entering with loving family we can have a beautiful home.

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  • 4 years ago

    How to have a beautiful home Well i can say in my opinion and experience Is this .Be a beautiful person , it tends to reflect in your home life too regardless if you live in a trailer or a mansion Its what each person makes it If your a dark and angry person or if your a happy go lucky person those emotions in my opinion actually reflect in your home more than you may realize regardless of past or present . It is simply what each person makes it out to be . at least in my opinion

  • John
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    4 years ago

    think beautiful and be calm ,an angry or depress person always will have bad style choices .So even if you have expensive collections and decors ,your home will not be beautiful .A beauty of home is to spirit of the home a good spirit will bright the home and you will enjoy every minute of your life in the home .Color does the magic ,combination of the light colors in way that they make harmony and invite you to the next section with passion and having the life plants will calm the person and it relax the eyes .My home is beautiful and I love it .

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  • dee
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    4 years ago

    Live alone. It s the only way it will stay as beautiful as it was when you first arranged it!

    Then choose neutral colors & stay away from items that don't make you happy to look at or are just useless. I find keeping things in cabinet with doors keeps visual clutter out of my life & I have less stress when it looks like I have less stuff. I like big pieces of art instead of a lot of tiny things all over the place. Makes it easy to dust as well as find things when I leave them in odd places.

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