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sasha asked in Entertainment & MusicRadio · 4 years ago

Does anyone know what the "Crazy Daily Video Trivia" answer is and other Radio Trivia for Wednesday October 7th?

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  • Bob
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    4 years ago
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    Town – Cudahy

    Scott’s Team – Oakland Raiders

    Cafe – Rutabaga

    Artist – Scotty McCreery

    Facebook – Leaves

    Blockbusters Trivia: Taxidermy

    Big Game Trivia: Adam Vinatieri

    Book Worm Trivia: Much Ado About Nothing

    Buzzworthy Trivia: Ryan Gosling

    Country Livin': Keith Urban

    Country Music Trivia: Little Bit Of Everything

    Entertainment Video Trivia: Dinosaurs

    Pop Clips: Gabe

    Music Pop Quiz: Taylor

    Music Quiz: Perry Como's

    Music Skills: Dallas

    Classic Rock Challenge: The Rolling Stones

    Healthy Knowledge: Hawthorn Berry Tonic

    Get Your Game On: Pac-Man Sr.

    Super Heroes: Tigra

    The Dish Trivia: Chicken

    Trick-or-Trivia: Geist

    TV Trivia: Rose

    Animals & Nature Trivia: 20 pounds

    Crazy Daily Video Trivia: Google

    Food And Recipes Trivia: 100

    Pop Culture Trivia: Go bike riding

    Travel The World Trivia: Miami

    TV Fix Video Trivia: 15 minutes

    World News Trivia: Dallas Cowboys

    Alaska Airlines loses its own CEOs luggage: Brad

    Baby With Part of Skull Missing Says 'Hello': Jaxon

    Best game-day snacks for football Sunday: Corndogs

    Harry Potter inspired home decor: Etsy

    Man asked to be quiet during movie throws soda, blames flip flops: Florida

    South Carolina Helps With Dream Wedding: double tree

    The UK is the best place in the world to die: 80

    Therapy Dog Serves As Best Man: Golden Retriever

    Watching TV dramas might make you a more caring person: New York Magazine

    What fast food looks like in ads vs. real life: Arby's


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  • Erin
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    4 years ago

    Pop Culture - Bike Riding

    Animals & Nature - 20

    TV Fix Video - 15

    World News - Dallas

    Food and Recipes - 100

    Travel The World - Miami

    Crazy Daily Video - Google

    Big game - Adam

    Blockbusters - Taxidermy

    Book worm - Much Ado

    Entertainment - Dinosaurs

    Get your game - Pac-Man Sr

    Healthy - Hawthorn

    Music quiz - Perry Como

    Super heroes - Tigra

    The Dish - Chicken

    Trick or Treat - Geist

    TV - Rose

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  • Tacha
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    4 years ago

    Rock Music Trivia - Against Me!

    ALT987 Los Angeles

    City of the Day - Pomona

    Bonus Code:Music Survey - Orange

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  • MJM
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    4 years ago

    99.5 The River, WRVE, Albnay, NY.

    06:00 - One and Done

    09:30 - Funnybone

    10:00 - Wine

    4:00 - Kale

    7:00 - Service

    Randy's Facebook Code - Cubs

    iHeart Radio Code - Hol

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  • Kathy
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    4 years ago

    FM106; Team is Oakland Raiders; Town is Cudahy; Artist is Scotty McCreery; Facebook is Leaves; Café is Rutabaga.

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  • 4 years ago


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  • 4 years ago

    Rick Dees may, or perhaps Carson Daily.

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  • Rick Dees may, or perhaps Carson Daily.

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  • 4 years ago


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  • 4 years ago


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