Is it safe for an israeli to travel to Jordan?

There is a peace agreement between the two countries and tourists do travel between countries, but that s all on paper. What is the situation like on the ground? I am American born and raised in America, but my parents are israeli and I m fluent in English and hebrew and my whole family lives in Israel so I m like israeli too.


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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    You'll be fine. Israelis visit here constantly, and one guy I know went around telling everyone he was Israeli at the slightest provocation and all he got was endless political discussions, which I presume is what he wanted. In the aftermath of Gaza, you could expect to talk about that a lot. The police here is very competent and I've not heard of anything bad happening to an Israeli - as in many non-Western countries with Western tourists, the biggest problem is sexual harassment of women, and even that's much better here than in many other countries.

    I wouldn't necessarily tell every taxi driver that you're Israeli - I'm an atheist but say I'm a Christian because it's just easier, people don't really have a concept of atheism and you get bogged down. Nothing serious will happen if you do but you don't want every car to turn into an argument. But once you get to know a few people you should be comfortable telling them you're Jewish or Israeli - but don't expect anyone except for East Bank Jordanian nationalists to be supportive of Israel or its policies - the vast majority of the population is Palestinian. But again, there's no danger - I know an Israeli-American who lives here, and she seems a lot more stressed out about being Israeli than any of our Jordanian friends do.

  • 5 years ago

    As am American you should be pretty safe, but if they could tell you are Israeli, then you could have some problems.

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