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Homecoming Help?

I don't like wearing dresses, so do I have to wear a dress to go to homecoming?

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    ik you dont like wearing dresses but hoemcomign is a dacne where you must wear a dress:, below are a few options that are cheap and that are not as girly:

    with this dress you can wear your hair straight, and wear flats with the dress nd just mascara and lipgloss and thats it.

    this dress has some beading but you can wear your hair down straight like the model and wear flats. its simple enough but yet not super super girly.

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    Then just don't go, Not to sound like a jerk but if your a girl and wear pants to homecoming everyone well think your gay. Sorry I know thats harsh but its true

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    Yea you do, as much as some of us girls would love to take some jeans and a shirt it's not "FORMAL" for the dance. It's one of the rules to go all nice and formal too :\

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