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Would newer 3DS games be compatible with older 3DS models?

I'm getting a 3DS soon. I really don't mind getting the 3DS XL that came out in 2012, but I'd rather get the newer one if the games won't be compatible.

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    The New 3DS currently has a few features that the original 3DS doesn't have & a few games that the older 3DS won't support.

    At this time, only Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (Retail / Digital) & Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Digital Only) are available ONLY on the New 3DS. Games that are released on the Unity Engine can be ported over to the New 3DS, so it's possible that more New 3DS titles will become available. However, most 3rd party developers will likely stick to the old 3DS as much as possible for maximum compatibility (& higher potential for sales).

    The addition of the NFC reader built into the New 3DS is nice as well, since you can utilize Amiibos for Super Smash Bros., Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (w/ it's Amiibo cards) & other 3DS titles that support Amiibos without have to get the standalone NFC communicator for the older 3DS's. The New 3DS includes "Super Stable" Stereoscopic 3D (utilizing a 2nd internal IR camera for face tracking), faster processors (so games load faster) & wireless data transfers between your PC & the New 3DS's MicroSD card (w/ WIndows 7 or higher)... it's worth the extra money for the upgrades & to help future-proof yourself.

    While it's ultimately your choice, I prefer just to skip the middle step of getting the original 3DS that you may use for a year or two before upgrading to the New 3DS... but do what you feel is best for you, as you can always upgrade to the New 3DS later.

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    Any game that is made specifically for the new Nintendo 3DS is only going to work on those models. So far only one game has been released for it and thats Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. Some games have extra features with the new 3DS such as accepting input from the control nub. However to answer your question, it seems that Nintendo isnt expecting people to migrate to the new 3DS. the new 3DS is likely to just support games that require the stronger processing power.

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      There are two actually - Binding of Isaac is New 3DS only.
      Also I know you said 'released' but just saying, Monster Hunter X looks like it might be New 3DS only due to the black coloured box. Might be wrong on that though.

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    You'll be fine. 3DS games will work on that console.

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    No. It they dont.

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