Are American men more obsessed with big boobs than other cultures?

I work at a high end cocktail lounge that draws in a lot of high rollers, athletes, etc. Yesterday I was talking to an Albanian man who said my body type is his ideal perfect body for a woman (I m petite with smallish boobs). He said boob jobs always look and feel bad to him and that American men are obsessed with big boobs, even if they are on an ugly woman.

I have met several baseball players at work who are mostly from the Dominican Republic and they seem to feel the same. They all end up flocking to me, wanting to hangout with me after the club closes which I don t do, trying to get my number, etc. They never pay attention to the girls I work with who have breast implants.

So do some countries, like the ones I mentioned, put less emphasis on wanting huge boobs / fake boobs on women than America? I know it varies by individual, but I am speaking generally. A lot of the foreign men that come to my club love my look and dislike fake breasts.

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    As a woman with natural DDs I find British, Italian and Mexican men are much more obsessed with big boobs than American men. Even one of the highest circulation mainstream British newspapers has a big boobed "Page 3" girl every day. And just watch any Mexican or Italian variety show, soap opera or even news cast. The women almost always have HUGE fake boobs. It's funny to be watching a serious evening news show in Italy and the newscaster is wearing some low cut, tight top with G cup boobs popping out.

  • 5 years ago

    Most men wouldn't want big, fake breasts or big fatty breasts over firm and small to average size breasts. It is a misconception.

    Small and firm is feminine, slim and petite is feminine. Big and exaggerated is not feminine.

    If you get yourself fake breasts, you'll basically remove a part of your natural femininity.

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