Is this unwise?

I'm auditioning for my university's production of Parade today and I've had my audition song picked out for a few weeks. However I'm now having second thoughts; I look and act quite young (not so much childish but in terms of voice and mannerisms) so I thought I'd sing a song that is suitable for the child roles, I Know Things Now from Into The Woods (we're not allowed to sing songs from the actual show). However, this mean it's unlike they'll consider me for the adult roles at all (you don't audition for specfic roles, you just sing your song and do I range test). Personally I thought I'd be an unlikely pick to begin with but now I'm getting worried. Should I pick another song?

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  • 5 years ago
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    You must not think much of the people doing the audition if you imagine that they're not smart enough to see beyond your song choice.

    There's a lot that goes into casting a show - not just how you audition. And usually they're intelligent enough to see your audition song as a way for you to demonstrate your vocal range. If they were to limit you to child roles it would be more because of your looks and mannerisms then your song choice. If they think you would fit an adult role, it's doubtful that your song choice would prevent them from doing so.

    So go with what you've prepared. Going to an audition prepared is what is important. Make a good impression - so even if you're not cast in this production, they will remember you for future productions.

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