How do you play music for sex?

I always hear or read that people say they have sex while listening to r.Kelly or someone.

But I don t know how to do this without seeming weird or being pretty much fake lol, if I should buy a radio, use a laptop, phone with the data off, or airplane mode etc.

What are some song recommendations? I like the all the time song by jeremih, idk if that or whatever else would be good.

Let me know any tips. Thanks.

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  • 4 years ago
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    Use a stereo in the background, not too loud or obtrusive but blends in the background, use slow funk and disco about sex e.g. Between The Sheets by Ohio Players.

    There are other songs about sex though.

    Don't use any really dirty or just plain filthy sex songs. Rap for example is a terrible idea. It's not romantic if it's sex with your girlfriend and not even sexy if it's just for a one-night stand (An' I f*cked her right in the p*ssy and went hard. Hard. HARD.)

    Anyway, yeah.

    If it's a girlfriend, romantic love songs without even mentioning sex might also work, depending on the song. Y'know, songs with words like 'Hold me close' or 'Put your arms around me' 'Make me feel special' and stuff like that.

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  • 4 years ago

    Its tough unless you go all out. But this is a good one for setting the mood.

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