What is different about hydrogen core burning for high and low mass stars? 9th grade science?

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  • 4 years ago
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    Hydrogen in stars does not burn, that is a chemical reaction. In stars hydrogen is fused to make helium , that's a nuclear reaction. The greater the mass tne higher the temperatures created by gravity .

    High-mass stars have a mass eight or more times that of our sun. They are a thousand to a million times more luminous than the sun, and around ten times bigger in diameter. These stars are highly visible in the sky, even when they are far from the earth. They burn brighter, but their lifetimes are correspondingly much shorter than those of less massive stars.

    Low-mass stars have a mass of between a tenth and a half of the sun. If their mass is below this level, they do not have sufficient gravity to sufficiently pull their material inwards to initiate nuclear fusion.

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