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Will juvenile medical records show on a pistol permit background check?

I am applying for a unrestricted pistol permit in chemung county NY. I have to pay a lot of money to even apply for my pistol permit and i dont want to waste it if a medical record when i was 12-16 is going to get it denied.

I am now 28, no criminal, no mental. However when i was young, 12-16 i was voluntarily hospitalized for suicide a few times. I was not planning on putting that as i did not think those records were able to get to on a background check, Is this accurate or am i setting myself up for denial for untruthful on the app?

When i was 18, i went to apply for the army. The recruiter said they will not find that info out as long as i do not tell them and to keep my mouth shut. I ended up getting denied for my lungs by the doctor, and never went back to retry. So i never really found out if they would of found out about it or not.

Is there anyone out there that went through something similar?

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    Most of the time, Juvenile records are sealed. Remember, most of the time. I don't know about a CCW or permit. The Sheriff's Dept. here requires a mental check from our local mental health facilities.

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    when the Q asks have you EVER been put in the mential hospital dont lie...Get a lawyer t help you..I was a felon..I had to get rights restored in state I lived in 20 yrs ago then had to do same in my new state,,Then have local cops interview and appprove it right

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    That will not turn up.

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