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Birthday presents for a 15 year old girl?

I need to know what i should get a girl who s turning 15 and doesn t know what she wants. Here are some things she doesn t like or already has.

-make up, body products, perfumes etc.

-new enough cell phone, tablet, and she has a school laptop

-cd s and dvd s are "so unnecessary with today s technology"

-gift cards to anywhere but maybe american eagle or ***** sporting goods.

She DOES however like some stuff. She loves volleyball and she has a ton of friends, but our house isnt big enough for a birthday party and it might get expensive taking all of them out somewhere. So please help!!!!!!!

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    man that's hard haha she has a lot already...hmm would she like to remodel her room maybe? paint the walls, get some tapestries, a new bed, canopy, etc? or BOOKS! BOOKS ARE GREAT

  • 5 years ago

    Buy her a subscription to Green Peace or Save the Children ... !

  • Evelyn
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    Something decorative for her room.

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