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Help me fight?

First off don't give me any of this "fighting isn't the answer" crap. Just leave now if that's what your'e going to say.

This b**ch (my previous friend) has been trying to steal my girl for over two months now. She tells him to leave her alone and he doesn't. Its getting on my nerves and I've tried really hard to forgive and forget but its obviously not working. I've tried to talk it out with him, but he doesn't listen, I've done everything I can to be mature and stay away from violence, but I swear to God nothing works with this kid. I'm extremely pissed at this kid and I'm done putting up with his BS. I want to fight him, its a fair fight, he's bigger but I'm obviously stronger, I'm not a p**sy, I wouldn't fight if its not fair. All the people that know about what he has done think I should fight him too.

So the help I need is how to fight. I wrestle and placed fourth in state as a sophomore in Arizona, so I know how to do takedowns and moves like that and a play football so I now how to tackle, but I've never had to throw a punch. I need videos, advice ANYTHING. I now I can dominate this kid already because I am way more athletic and tough, (we used to be friends and would wrestle each other all the time), but in the end this kid needs to know to stay the f*** away from her.

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    Wait for him to throw the first punch, lean to his outter side and grab his wrist with the arm farthest away from you. When you grab his wrist punch the free arm and pull the arm that you are holding on to, this is a possible 1 hit K.O. but don't expect it to be one. While he is still dazed grab the back of his neck and pull down while bringing either knee upwards into his face. He should be very shaken up at this point if he's not knocked out, take advantage and throw a couple of punches and if he throws a punch repeat step one. Don't expect this to work if you don't have good reflexes or hand-I coordination. This is just a super effective method to winning a fight before you are touched.

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    Fighting isn't the answer. Maybe all it will take is confront, push, n see if he'll make the first move, if he don't wanna fight, then it could be over. In a situation like your' is best to fist fight in self defense rather then offensive if it's a fist fight, move head n counter with the defensive left hook slasher if he comes at you, plus u can wrestle if thangs don't work out in a defensive type fist fight against him. Or u can offensively attack n beat him up n make him curl up n machine gun him with punches so that he can't lift up his head to counter you. Pushes helps too.

    ps best to have some friends there to stop the fight incase u get surprised n shocked n f'd up n can't recover. Win or lose, i think he should get lost from there on out. What is your GF hot or something, or is he just the type that likes to steal friends girls cuz he can't find none? Post us a pix of your girlfriend, no?

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    Then k*ck his a*s simple. Bust him up real bad and warn him to not mess with her.

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