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When should I consider backing up my computer?

I've had this laptop for about a year now, it's a 15.6" Gateway with Windows 7 and Intel HD and 329GB of free space(I'm not a computer wiz so I don't know what's important to list). It works fine for me, but it can be a bit slow and choppy (That's usually because I have too many programs and tabs open, I think) and sometimes it'll refuse to acknowledge DVDs even though it has a DVD player attached and I rarely use it. I was wondering when I should start thinking of getting a new laptop or external hard drive. I'm afraid that my computer might expire at a random moment in which it'll be too late. Or that I'll use the hard drive to save current files, then find that my laptop doesn't die until 2 years later in which all that's saved on the hard drive will be old and irrelevant. Also is it possible to save programs that were purchased and downloaded online such as clip studio? I don't want to have to buy everything over again.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Hi there queenmariposa,

    You need to always keep your most important data stored on at least two place. You can just get an external drive and back it up. Regarding the programs, this should really depend on the program. You need to check whether this would be possible.

    Apart from that, you can keep an eye on your HDD's health status. There are quite a lot of testing tools that can provide a S.M.A.R.T. report. I will provide a thread on HDD testing in the Sources section.

    Keep in mind that the fact that your system is slowing down, could not be related to your HDD. It is most probably RAM related.(you open up too many things while there is not enough RAM). Also, it could be related to overheating. Cleaning the dust out would be a good idea as well.



  • 6 years ago

    I think that you can pull it by just ctrl+c and ctrl+v.

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