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Why do people support Bernie Sanders when he acts like America doesn't have a debt problem?

Both parties have spent money that we do not have and we are almost 20 trillion in debt. (so please don't say stupid crap about Bush or Obama because they have both spent money we don't have) Yet, this guy wants to spend more on social programs? He wants to cut military spending. That's fine, I even think we spend too much. He wants to get rid of corporate welfare. I support that too. However, he doesn't want to touch Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other social programs. People will think I am heartless and I don't care about others but that's not true. However, those programs are going bankrupt, look at the facts. There is no money left in the Social Security Trust Fund, just IOUs. Medicare and Medicaid need to be reformed. Now, most of the other candidates do not seem to care about the debt, but to me he's the one guy who wants to keep spending money we don't have. His supporters are like Trump supporters; you can just to debate them, but they use stupidity over facts. I mean, people, do you want the USA to become like Greece? These programs won't be here if just do nothing or expand it as Sanders as suggested. Yet he calls himself a deficit hawk. Why would you support this man? Do you not care about this situation? Please tell me


And raising taxes will just encourage government to spend more

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    America doesn't. Democrats do. And here's why:

    They've invested FAR too much into obama, since day 1. Now I'm nothing if not fair, so I would say the initial complaints about obama were premature because he just got into office, and had no good or bad record prior. So there was nothing concrete you could prove and claim good or bad, to say obama was good or bad.

    However as time went on, obama's decisions, his failures, ineptitude, and anti-American rhetoric became clear. But it doesn't stop dems from trying to save face and denying everything bad about him because THEY are the reason he's there, so if it's his fault, then it's also their fault.

    2016 is almost here and now a new person is to be selected. There's not much to choose from on the dems side so they're pushing hard. However some dems still don't want to admit obama was a fck up because it would CONCLUSIVELY mean that Republicans were right. And dems would rather die than admit they're wrong.

    That's why they're embracing Sanders. Not because he's good for America, but because by acknowledging that he's not....they would then enhance the fact that they were wrong about selecting obama, and that they're wrong about supporting Sanders.

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    Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security SSI and SSDI programs are being reformed by the Obama Admin. Their stated goal from 2009 was to save money and they have managed to reduce the deficit by half, as stated. If you knew exactly what Sanders wants to do, then you could be specific but you dont.

    Medicare and Social Security retirement cannot go bankrupt because they are being reformed. That has also led to many doctors not accepting Medicare due to low reimbursement by government to save money. But Social Security has to fix its current benefit programs, there are two dozen types of them outside of retirement. That will happen. Sanders does not want to cut benefits for seniors or disabled, thats all. He wants to make sure those groups dont become destitute.

    Greece has debt problems because their pensions were invested in American securities in the early 2000s which lost value. America is the place where people invest, Greece was an investor. There is no comparison. The U.S. has a big debt but has had one since the early 1900s. Greece is a small country with a failing economy. The U.S. has a trillion dollar economy. Read Bernie's website and his bio.

    Bernie is principled, honest and a fighter. He filibustered over 8 hours against expansion of Bush tax cuts.

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    Honestly the programs you're talking about would probably cost a lot less if we take a look at what other countries do - we pay more per capita for health care currently than countries that offer universal healthcare and see less results from it.

    For example, healthcare costs are outrageous, the idea that hospitals are run as for profit ventures is insane, same with the costs of some drugs. Heck a dude just bought a drug company and raised the price of some of its vital medicine from around $13 per pill to several hundred. Its sickening and needs to be stopped.

    Closing loopholes and ending corporate welfare would help too - for example if I recall (and I program computers, not do tax law, so I admit I could be wrong) your CEO is not taxed nearly as much as they really should be on bonuses they are given as long as they are based on the performance of the company.

  • As far as Social Security goes, half of the people getting a check did not pay one red cent into the program!

    So why punish hard working people that have worked all of their life and paid that 7.7% of their check into it.

    Why make them retire at 70 yrs. old. Why reduce their benefit?

    Every bum on the street is collecting S.S.I. and that is not what Social Security was intended to do.

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    Bernie is a righteous dude.

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    Probably because we live in the real world, not a con fantasy.

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    i have no problem returning to higher tax rates on the rich and closing loopholes.

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