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Rap & Hip Hop: Blu, Madlib, MF DOOM, and Med collab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (BQ's)?

Holy fvcking sh!t!!!!!!!!!! I am so fired up right now lol. I've always wanted to hear DOOM and Blu hop on a track together and it has finally came true after such a long wait! On top of it, the legendary Madlib is producing the track!!!!!! This is pure fire and I am not surprised at all. I'm already on my 6th listen and I'm still amazed. Great production, and incredible lyricism, outstanding chorus... 10/10 track for sure. This is beautiful

Here's the link:

What did ya'll think?


BQ1: Here are some comparisons for ya'll

- The College Dropout vs. The Minstrel Show

- Masta Ace vs. Redman

- Ludacris vs. Lil Wayne

- Logic vs. Bishop Nehru

- Travis $cott vs. Future

- Purple Haze vs. The Carter II

- Run the Jewels 2 vs. Sir Lucious Left Foot

BQ2: Rate The Weeknds new album, and what was your opinion on it if you heard the thing?

BQ3: Did you guys hear about Lupe's sudden feud with Complex? Thoughts?

BQ4: How did Dre fall off if his last album was The Chronic?

(Lol, I was just listening to Still D.R.E.)

BQ5: What is the funniest hip hop music video that you've ever seen?


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    I really like the beat. Very summery. Equalizing is a little whacked though. Honestly didn't bother straining to hear DOOM's lines, but Blu serviced it very well. I'll cosign you on the chorus though. I also liked the nice touches on the outro of the track. This isn't a track I'll have any random cravings for, but it's nice.



    Masta Ace


    Bishop Nehru


    Carter II


    BQ2: Haven't heard it.

    BQ3: The person who wrote the complex article was a first class douche. Sure their point has some merit, and I agree with it to a point (a very fine one), but obviously someone has had their poor rap music feelings hurt. Loved how they incorporated a few not-basic words with urban jargon. The combination of "jubilation" and the ever-so-cavalier "bruh" brought me to a warm, fuzzy height of contempt I hadn't been to in a while.

    On the other hand Lupe's response wasn't really provoked, probably counter-productive, and I'm honestly not sure what he's angry about? That the writer of that article just said he wasn't going to listen to him in a dismissive way? Lupe can be a bit of a pedant, but usually a mildly intelligent one; seems like twitter just saps all intelligence and literacy out of people.

    BQ4: Probably just rhetoric for the sake of rap tropes. Can't be a rapper without your share of "haters".

    BQ5: No idea honestly. Went to youtube to search for some and got distracted by articles on Lewandowski's five goal hat trick.

  • I'm inclined to reticence since I don't want to offer an opinion which may or may not be as excited as yours. That said, Madlib got that psychedelic R&B vibe going on and I fvck with it.




    Weezy F Baby and the "F" is for Frosted Flakes



    Carter II


    BQ2: Didn't listen yet. Haven't had time to get to anything non-hip hop.

    BQ3: I was gonna post a question concerning the language of that article but wasn't sure if people would be interested - I guess now maybe. I understand Lupe's frustration completely and I agree that the article is "distasteful and unnecessary", but at the same time he doesn't do himself any favors by using "b¡tc#" as an insult when he's rallied against the usage of it in the past. He's also way above responding on Twitter to some random article by such a talentless, biased writer. The quality of the article borders on juvenile and Complex seriously needs to stop hiring these English undergrads straight outta college to write inflammatory opinion pieces. But again, why is Lupe bothering to give her the light of day?

    BQ4: He hadn't put out an album in a while so a lot of people thought that Dre was simply incapable of making a follow-up album as good as The Chronic. 2001 is straight godly though.

    BQ5: "Downtown" is pretty great.

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      Have you read any Updike? I'm reading Toward the End of Time which is apparently (according to DFW) his worst novel...all the main character does is talk about flowers and be a misogynistic horny old man and the writing is so good it doesn't even bother me.

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    listen to j cole bruh

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