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Advice on waiver pickup: Vereen, Matt Jones, or David Johnson. PPR league?


QB: Tannehill, Bradford

RBs: Le'Veon Bell, Latavius Murray, Chris Ivory, and Doug Martin

WRs: TY Hilton, J Landry, B Cooks, S Smith, Cruz, and Tyler Lockett

TE: Gronk and Seferian-Jenkins

Which of the 3 RBs is the best pickup? I think Vereen would provide consistent points but wouldn't produce big points like the others. Thanks for your help

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    Vereen in a PPR league. Jones and Johnson will get you points in bunches in some games and none in others.

  • 5 years ago

    it's a split between matt jones and vereen

  • 5 years ago

    Go for Vereen. No one else in NY can catch the ball but him and OBJ.

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