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Any converts to Judaism?


Sorry I'm a bit vague but if you are ex Christian, why the change to Judaism and not Christianity anymore?

And if you came from Islam, why not Islam anymore?

I just want the truth, and I believe it is one of the Abrahamic faiths. I left Christianity a while ago, but I want to find the truth. To me, there is no way I can believe in Christianity, I studied it too much to keep faith in it so don't even bother.

So I just wanna ask about Judaism. Its all good and well asking Jews who have always been Jewish, but maybe from someone who has converted from something else, I would love to hear your story and your take on the other Abrahamic faiths.

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    Regretfully, I can not give you a direct answer from a "Jew by choice"


    if you are looking for reasons,

    you may want to research

    (1) "the Gers" of Russia (also known as "Subbotniks" -- but there are three actual communities called "Subbotniks" -- full converts (Gers), "Karaite Subbotniks" (they essentially made up their own Judaism directly from Old Testament), and Christian Subbotniks (kinda like Seventh Day Adventists in the West)

    (2) The Abayudah of Uganda (a tribe that first "self-converted" and are now fully converting one by one)

    (3) "Bnai Moshe" / "Inca Jews" -- a community of Native Americans in Peru who are all converting.

    You may also want to read "The Kuzari" by Judah HaLevi -

    allegedly the account of the dispute between the Christian, the Muslim, the Jew, and the Philosopher before the King of the Khazars.

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    "I studied it too much," means you had one of those ridiculous study guides or a pastor who went to cemetery (I mean seminary) and was instructed improperly. This is why the Holy Spirit made Paul get into seclusion for 3 years so he could be taught God's doctrine and not doctrines of men. So, you had a bad teacher. That can be your excuse on Judgement day (NOT!). The Bible makes perfect sense when the Holy Spirit teaches it.

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    What's with Abrahamic faiths? Why not just science?

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