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rachel asked in PetsFish · 5 years ago

Tank mates?

I've had my Senegal bichir (dinosaur eel) for almost a year. She's about six inches long and in a 30 gallon tank. She seems happy and has plenty of places to hide. I've recently been looking into a fish for my 20 gal that can't have tan mates and it got me to thinking about her.

Can she have tank mates? The only other fish she's had in there were minnows for eating. Would I be better off getting another bichir? And if I accidentally get a male how likely is it that they will mate?

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    5 years ago
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    I agree with Bookshelf.

    Plan on a larger tank as your bichir is only 1/2 grown. Maybe a 55gal? Then you have the space to keep some tank mates. Medium size semi aggressive fish. Small fish will get eaten, large aggressive fish might attack your bicher.

    Less aggressive Sth American cichlids? Blue gourami? Silver dollars? Some of the larger species of barbs?

    But most species that you might expect to live with a bichir will need at least a 4 ft tank, and the larger tank reduces any aggression.

    Your tank is OK for a juvenile bichir, so no problems there right now. But if you add more medium size fish, then the tank will soon be overcrowded.

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  • 5 years ago

    I would try and worry about upgrading for your one fish, it may grow to nearly twice its current size.

    They are very neat fish, but are aggressive. They will eat fish smaller than them, so choose tankmates that are larger than ~3 inches, and that move quickly.

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