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Why is my 7 month old Dacshund puppy is limping?

I changed his diet from Rachael ray dry to natures instinct raw and he enjoys it. The following morning, he suddenly started limping and he isn't nearly as active. However, he doesn't seem to be in any pain because he is still able to jump on and off couches.

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    Just because he's able to jump on and off the couches doesn't mean he's not in pain. Limping IS a sign of pain, and he shouldn't be allowed to jump off the couches but rather encouraged to rest. If things don't improve in a couple of days with rest, then perhaps he should be seen by a Vet. The food change has nothing to do with his limping. Let me tell you something, if I may. I'm having some issues with my right knee at the moment and do walk with a slight limp. Keep in mind that I said I DO walk and DO go down my basement stairs to do the laundry. My knee DOES hurt, so I AM trying to take it easy to see if this is just my typical arthritis pain or something else. I personally don't think that any Dachshunds should be allowed to jump on and off furniture, especially a puppy who isn't 100% done growing, and considering the breed is prone to spinal issues.

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    when a dog limps, it means that it's in pain. The food has nothing to do with the limping. I suggest you take the pup to the vet.

    Please visit the Dachshund Club of America and order a booklet /DVD on IVDD, so you know all about it and have accurate info on it. Not all dachshunds have IVDD or get IVDD. Many times, its brought on by being out of condition and overweight.

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    Food has nothing to do with it at all, and he should not be allowed to even try and jump on and off couches. Tbh, it doesn't look as if you've done much research into the breed as they should never be allowed to jump on and off couches as they suffer with back issues.

    Take him to the vets if limping

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    Regardless of food, which I doubt has caused this, if he is lame, why are you still allowing him to be on and off couches (stairs?). Dachsies are known to have spinal issues, for starters, so until you can get your vet to take a look at what's going on he needs COMPLETE rest (preferably crate rest) to give whatever he might have done, a chance to heal. If he's lame, something is hurting, or he'd not be lame.

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    Pretty sure the limping has nothing to do with the new food. He probably injured himself running or playing and that's why he isn't active. Or he isn't enjoying the new food and isn't eating it, so he doesn't have the energy to play around.

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    Food would not cause her to limp. You need to take your pup to the vet to find out what is causing them to limp since it has to be an injury just like you would have had to injury yourself for you to limp.

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